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Wakaka Simply Asian Meals @ PVJ

   Enough with all the greetings and birthday song, im tired giving you hugs one by one lol. That day after watched the newest movie of batman and shopping around, we decided to break fast at Wakaka Resto. Still have an hour before eat tajil, so camwhore all the way ^^

Superb love this picture, look how skinny i am now ^^
   Having a dinner at Wakaka PVJ ^^. As you know wakaka is expression of joy and happiness. They hope it's what you feel when come hungry and leave happy at this place.

Wakaka's recommended menu *based on what they say of course XD*
   So i hear Thailand cuisines are amazing, this the only reason i choose tom yang gong as my dinner. All ingredients here are fresh and found locally (i think), the taste is spicy, sour, freshy awesome, a bit disappointed there isn't shrimp on it :( but but but the rice look so cute in cube shape.

   If you surf the menu you will find out if Wakaka also serve Korean cuisines, and koko pick Bulgogi. This one is too sweet for me, but koko said it's was yummy and the sweetness was fine.

   My favorite menu is banana split ^^ gonna eat this again! it was serve with 2 scope strawberry ice creams and 2 pisang aroma. Pisang aroma is a fried banana which soft inside but so crunchy and has sweet caramel outside, i loooove it. Also they serve it with honey and pineapple jam, which make it has rich flavor.

   The drinks of the day was ice sweet longan & lovely blue. Mine was ice sweet longan, and again it was too sweet T_T but i love the lovely blue, after mix it properly the taste was amazing.

   I think when you come to this place, you should try the chili on the jar. I won't tell you how it's like but trust me when you taste it you will love it and add it again again and again.

   Overall i still love this place and their menu even some of them are too sweet for me. The grand total was around IDR 130,000 and the interesting part is you can have discount 20% if you mention @WakakaPvJ on twitter. Wakaka isn't it?

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