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CLEAR Herbal Fusions Nourishing Scalp Care For Women

   Ready or not here CLEAR herbal fusions nourishing scalp care for women review comes ^^

   Hair loss problem is something you probably would never include in your dictionary. No one wants to think they are losing your hair, since it's extremely essential for a confident and usually makes or break your look.

Here's my photo before using CLEAR herbal fusions nourishing scalp care for women.

   CLEAR herbal fusions utilizing nature's best remedies, it can goes straight to the root of problems by nourishing the scalp through a potent cocktail of asian herbs ginseng and tea tree extract combined with the most recent scientific anti-dandruff tech, for a healthy nourished scalp and beautiful hair.

   I love how the foams works. This shampoo has a strong herbal smell combined with mint — for the conditioner at first i thought it has the same smell as the Doublemint flavor chewing gum. 

   After using it for the first time i definitely notice my hair is more manageable, softer, smoother, and lighter. I woke up the next day my hair still looks fabulous! When i brush my hair with fingers, they don't tangle up and glide through. Freckles of dandruff gone already and now i have healthy scalp and hair, nyahahaha...

Prevent Dandruff


~ Pros: Refreshes and nourishing the scalp. Help maintain the natural strength of the scalp and longer protection against dandruff. Superb love the after effect.

~ Cons: Even i really love the result it's makes my hair smooth and healthier, i think the fragrance might be too strong for some. Hope one day they have fruity scents or variant.

   And oh i just found this picture from google and wondering when CLEAR launching new packaging like this.

For more information check out their official facebook and twitter ^^

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