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Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not the center of it

   As promised to koko, i posted how i spent my saturday night here, in my hometown. Lol, i swear jealousy boyfriend is cute, but when he goes too far he's not cute at all.

   Back to hometown, know if your ex boyfriend and two of my bestfriends will marry someone couple months from now. And the worst part is i'm gonna be forever alone in my hometown. I mean hang out together is not fun anymore when the fiances also came along.

   I feel so glad to know i still have some boy friends  here, hehe... Please don't make that look when you see me hang out with different friends. Boy friend is so much different with boyfriend. Since i only have few girl friends and maaaany boy friends, i think to become my boyfriend he should know the consequences ^^

   Honestly i don't wanna stuck at home all the weeks, so im happy when mippo asked me to hang out from mall to mall. And you know what find a place to break our fast in Samarinda is the hardest part. How come every food court, restaurant, cafe or whatever that things called are fully book!! Almost desperate till we saw le chef, a cafe near my junior high's school had a free spot.

   Nice outdoor view and meals, seriously im gonna visit this place again next time, you will experience the true of relaxing resto and cafe in town ^^. And oh since that day was a night of takbir, i was so excited to watched fireworks party. Soooo pretty, too bad i should go home when the party just started.

   Koko told me to snap pictures of me and mippo, so here it is ^^. Mippo is my senior high's friends since our first year. One of the popular one, lol what's so oh embarrassing moment >.<. We planned to hang out with my girls but too bad a jealousy boyfriend is scarred me.

One more shot, the close one. whoops did i make boyfriend jealous again? hahaha...

   Trust me la, he is the most trusty, mature and religious man from all my boys. He even thought me the meaning our life and the beauty of our religion. He said the reason of why god still let us breath until now is because we are still trusted to give a meaning for all the people around us, we  are born to complete. Well, there's a beauty of wisdom and experience that can't be faked. Impossible to be mature without having lived right?

Really miss every moment with senior high's friends ^^

   It seems i can recall what happened in Senior High. And after all this time, finally we got a chance to hang out together. Almost full team ^^

   Actually i feel like a bit trapped between past and real timeline. Everyone looks same, their face, habits, but when i look at them closely i think they are more mature and wisely than before. It's make me think they are moving so fast or i just walk so slow in this timeline.

   Even some already have new life and new "size". The things that doesn't change at all are everyone with their friendly smile, the guys with their stupidity and idiotic but super charming, the girls with gossiping habit. I ♡ all of them and i can tell they're my superb bestfriends ^^

CLEAR Herbal Fusions Nourishing Scalp Care For Women

   Ready or not here CLEAR herbal fusions nourishing scalp care for women review comes ^^

   Hair loss problem is something you probably would never include in your dictionary. No one wants to think they are losing your hair, since it's extremely essential for a confident and usually makes or break your look.

Here's my photo before using CLEAR herbal fusions nourishing scalp care for women.

   CLEAR herbal fusions utilizing nature's best remedies, it can goes straight to the root of problems by nourishing the scalp through a potent cocktail of asian herbs ginseng and tea tree extract combined with the most recent scientific anti-dandruff tech, for a healthy nourished scalp and beautiful hair.

   I love how the foams works. This shampoo has a strong herbal smell combined with mint — for the conditioner at first i thought it has the same smell as the Doublemint flavor chewing gum. 

   After using it for the first time i definitely notice my hair is more manageable, softer, smoother, and lighter. I woke up the next day my hair still looks fabulous! When i brush my hair with fingers, they don't tangle up and glide through. Freckles of dandruff gone already and now i have healthy scalp and hair, nyahahaha...

Prevent Dandruff


~ Pros: Refreshes and nourishing the scalp. Help maintain the natural strength of the scalp and longer protection against dandruff. Superb love the after effect.

~ Cons: Even i really love the result it's makes my hair smooth and healthier, i think the fragrance might be too strong for some. Hope one day they have fruity scents or variant.

   And oh i just found this picture from google and wondering when CLEAR launching new packaging like this.

For more information check out their official facebook and twitter ^^

What My Dad Taught Me

When a thousand words of sorry not forgiven,
Then learn to love and speak with your heart

Wakaka Simply Asian Meals @ PVJ

   Enough with all the greetings and birthday song, im tired giving you hugs one by one lol. That day after watched the newest movie of batman and shopping around, we decided to break fast at Wakaka Resto. Still have an hour before eat tajil, so camwhore all the way ^^

Superb love this picture, look how skinny i am now ^^
   Having a dinner at Wakaka PVJ ^^. As you know wakaka is expression of joy and happiness. They hope it's what you feel when come hungry and leave happy at this place.

Wakaka's recommended menu *based on what they say of course XD*
   So i hear Thailand cuisines are amazing, this the only reason i choose tom yang gong as my dinner. All ingredients here are fresh and found locally (i think), the taste is spicy, sour, freshy awesome, a bit disappointed there isn't shrimp on it :( but but but the rice look so cute in cube shape.

   If you surf the menu you will find out if Wakaka also serve Korean cuisines, and koko pick Bulgogi. This one is too sweet for me, but koko said it's was yummy and the sweetness was fine.

   My favorite menu is banana split ^^ gonna eat this again! it was serve with 2 scope strawberry ice creams and 2 pisang aroma. Pisang aroma is a fried banana which soft inside but so crunchy and has sweet caramel outside, i loooove it. Also they serve it with honey and pineapple jam, which make it has rich flavor.

   The drinks of the day was ice sweet longan & lovely blue. Mine was ice sweet longan, and again it was too sweet T_T but i love the lovely blue, after mix it properly the taste was amazing.

   I think when you come to this place, you should try the chili on the jar. I won't tell you how it's like but trust me when you taste it you will love it and add it again again and again.

   Overall i still love this place and their menu even some of them are too sweet for me. The grand total was around IDR 130,000 and the interesting part is you can have discount 20% if you mention @WakakaPvJ on twitter. Wakaka isn't it?

I maybe drunk but i miss my baby sister right now

   Weird. Super weird when koko and i feel miss this kid so much, especially we miss the song of "banana potato" from despicable me 2 that she always sang for us T_T

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