Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

They says it's my birthday

Receiving birthday greeting already, so happy :)

   Im waiting whole year for this and had the most amazing weekend ever! been spoiled so much *kiss boyfriend*, im a lucky girl! The room is still spinning and thank GOD my birthday comes once again.

4 Love Letters:

  1. Happy birthday kak :D
    stay healthy, stay young, stay awesome !
    Getting older getting better ya :D
    Wish you all the best \:D/

  2. Happy Birthday, dear!
    aahh super lovely birthday greeting ! i wish i have it for my birthday too :D
    anyway, stay pretty and stay young, and wuatb!

  3. happy birthday Nindy! I wish all the best for your life. and oh, I look your 'coming up next' list and I can't wait for your room tour post! ^^


  4. thank you everyone for all the greetings and best wishes for me *hugs all of you one by one*


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