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There is danger in every reckless you did

   Congratulation for all of you guys who had passed the entrance examination and was accepted as a new student on your chosen university. How's that feel being college kids?

   You should know if college world so different from high school, include your mindset and way of thinking about something, even your behavior.

   I hate reckless, stupid, and unresponsible people. If you are, please change your behavior. You can't put all of this stuff (read: responsible) to your big sis. She's kind to you doesn't mean she will helps you the rest of your life. Please learn to fulfill what you have to by your own. Know someone always be there for you, doesn't mean she will helps half of your duty while you having fun with your recklessness.

   Me. Personally i feel ashamed when i keep bother other people to help my own stuff. Whatever it is, how hard it is, i will tried my best first, failed? keep trying till i get bored and the last thing i know is call some help.

   Seriously i don't know how to train this reckless girl to be a responsible lady. Surrounded by people who always spoiled you and take care your stuff, makes you be like this. One day, i let she take care about her own stuff include time management. In the end she failed and makes everyone run in panic. Not once, uncounted. So, what do you think the best way to turn a reckless person to responsible one?

2 Love Letters:

  1. Learn from your mistakes...;p
    Harus kapok sendiri, hahaha

  2. umm, not me actually but her mistakes ^^


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