Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Milo and Friends

     Hello human~ Currently you talk with cutest Syrian Longhair hamster. My female master called me Milo. I love to make my masters happy by showing off my stand up skill every time they calling my name. Nowadays my male master teach me new trick, playing death but oh dear it's so hard to learn it T_T

    I love making new friends. I met someone like me but he is taller, uugh milo want grow taller too. One day i told to female master "please master give me more sun seed, so i can grow taller like mickey" but the male master said "no, you will be like furry ball!".

   Ribbon is milo bff, she is so nice. Ribbon said "climb to my back milo, see you are tall now ^^" oh god please bless my dearest friend.

    I hate when people called me mouse, so rude! female master told me im look like mini polar bear, i don't know what is it but i know it's good.

    This red creature is rufus. Milo hates rufus. He told me "eww, why are you so stink furry ball?" geez milo is smell good, milo love lemon sand bath.

* sniff sniff *

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