Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

They says it's my birthday

Receiving birthday greeting already, so happy :)

   Im waiting whole year for this and had the most amazing weekend ever! been spoiled so much *kiss boyfriend*, im a lucky girl! The room is still spinning and thank GOD my birthday comes once again.

Milo First World Problem

Good nite milo *kiss*

aww not again, every time i wake up master only have 3 hours to play with me
and after that she's faint on her bed

milo still want play with master T_T

Milo and Friends

     Hello human~ Currently you talk with cutest Syrian Longhair hamster. My female master called me Milo. I love to make my masters happy by showing off my stand up skill every time they calling my name. Nowadays my male master teach me new trick, playing death but oh dear it's so hard to learn it T_T

    I love making new friends. I met someone like me but he is taller, uugh milo want grow taller too. One day i told to female master "please master give me more sun seed, so i can grow taller like mickey" but the male master said "no, you will be like furry ball!".

   Ribbon is milo bff, she is so nice. Ribbon said "climb to my back milo, see you are tall now ^^" oh god please bless my dearest friend.

    I hate when people called me mouse, so rude! female master told me im look like mini polar bear, i don't know what is it but i know it's good.

    This red creature is rufus. Milo hates rufus. He told me "eww, why are you so stink furry ball?" geez milo is smell good, milo love lemon sand bath.

* sniff sniff *

Can you guess what my next post is about?

One of the clue is in the picture ^^

There is danger in every reckless you did

   Congratulation for all of you guys who had passed the entrance examination and was accepted as a new student on your chosen university. How's that feel being college kids?

   You should know if college world so different from high school, include your mindset and way of thinking about something, even your behavior.

   I hate reckless, stupid, and unresponsible people. If you are, please change your behavior. You can't put all of this stuff (read: responsible) to your big sis. She's kind to you doesn't mean she will helps you the rest of your life. Please learn to fulfill what you have to by your own. Know someone always be there for you, doesn't mean she will helps half of your duty while you having fun with your recklessness.

   Me. Personally i feel ashamed when i keep bother other people to help my own stuff. Whatever it is, how hard it is, i will tried my best first, failed? keep trying till i get bored and the last thing i know is call some help.

   Seriously i don't know how to train this reckless girl to be a responsible lady. Surrounded by people who always spoiled you and take care your stuff, makes you be like this. One day, i let she take care about her own stuff include time management. In the end she failed and makes everyone run in panic. Not once, uncounted. So, what do you think the best way to turn a reckless person to responsible one?

Elegant Haute Couture Ivory Hat

Help you to easily turn ordinary girl into an extravagant lady
   Pick your most beautiful dress, high heels to match the chosen dress, and then rummage through all of those glammy accessories and pick out the one best compliment your dress. In the end put them together and make sure you take enough time to admire your self ^^

A goodnight greeting before you sleep

Shake alert at our peewee party, kick the boys in 3...2...1... ^^

A vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic

   Went to Trans Studio Bandung for this summer vacation with sisters and boyfriend. Some people says trans studio really look like universal studio, oh gosh seriously? The interior design, ticketing, queue, games, and the famous characters, universal studio still the best. Please just compare trans studio with another local theme park, and personally the result dufan is better than trans studio [except the aircon].

   By that fact, i didn't mean to say trans studio didn't fun at all. It's just trans studio has it's own fun, if you are in a good mood you can feel the fun spirit. And here's the story...


   They claim it as spectacular show with international standard, same level like Broadway. Oh gosh the claim is too much or not, you judge.

   Along this area, you can find indonesian version of famous celebrities easily. There are no guard like universal studio that keep you wait in lined up before take a picture with your fav celeb. Here the queue are very chaotic.

Lady Gaga & Katy Perry
Elizabeth Swann & Capt. Jack Sparrow
Charlie Chaplin
Elvis Presley
Michael Jackson
and sexy broadway's dancer

Lol no, not the lamp
   Without warming up, we decided to play this game first. Oh well, just judging by seeing how it's work makes me trembled already. Challenged you at an altitude of 18 meters of track and rocked you in tense. Seriously the worse ride i've rode ever, i felt the headache in half hour long.

The only girl who's hyper excited to ride all the extremeness

   You can learn many things about math, physics, and chemistry by variety of experimental tool. For me the most awesome experiment was fly the airplane. I've learned that pilot is fun and dangerous job, balancing a plane to make it stay in right angle was super hard.

Evolution Theory
Inspire quote from Thomas Alfa Edison

   After Harry Potter, i believe a bit more in magic than i did before. Magic is like believing yourself that you can make anything happen.

Like a witch that kidnap a naughty girl
Or a beautiful fairy who help a nice girl
If you lucky you can have a nutcracker as your bodyguard
But if you are not, a crazy nutcracker will shoot you right in your mouth >.<


   An extreme ferris wheel that rotates 360 degrees in elevation. One of the two shortest queue in trans studio. I don't have any idea why memey and koko want to ride this mad wheel, seeing them sit and spinned 360 degrees like almost 3 minutes makes me dizzy already. And look, koko still can waved at me while he spinning.

The bravest couple ~ baby sister and bf LOL


   Boarded in pirates ship and we can see all the zones of the track at high altitudes. Unfortunately it was only one round and too fast. I mean, we queue around 30 or 45 minutes and rode it about 2 minutes.

A ship for 8 people in it

   You need to wait an hour in lined to drive this racing car. The track racing along a kilometer with maximum speed 40 kms/hour. It was fun and worth to give it a try.

Join a quiz's show and koko beat my score T_T
   Interactive broadcast museum, basically it's help us to understand how a television program made. Pay IDR 50.000 to host or be a guest star of fake tv program on DVD.

   FUUUUUNNNN, adventure down the river and umm went to african jungle to see tribal beasts and then AAAAAAGGGGHH fall from the waterfall. Seriously i want to try it again but the seeing the queue make me down. Better continue the adventure.
   Memey told me it's gonna be fun and judge how it's work it's should be fun. But NO! fall from the tower again, again, and over again was not fun at all. Write it down for you make me recall how i felt and screamed on the seat while koko hold my hands and keep saying im gonna be okay. Huh, hands sweat. But i think honestly i was fun, hahaha.

   A haunted house with variety bandung urban legends. For some people it's like surprise trip to visit a spooky cave, haunted ambulance, and other haunted place. But for me duuuh it's just like istana boneka at dufan. It's fun seeing how my baby sister scared to death.

   I wonder why the baby sister scared seeing fake ghost instead extreme wheel. She keeps told koko to accompany her to ride this super extreme coaster. I hate pumped my adrenalin even i know it's gonna be fun. Better ride roller or jet coaster than this racing coaster, i don't wanna die soon. Memey said this one was nothing compared vertigo.

   Practice riding a dragon like "how to train your dragon" movie, lol. Trust me it's not a kid game. They will give you extra extreme rounds if there are kids in it. Love it.


   Special Effects Action. It's the show about a secret behind filming of action movie. You know special effect like gas station explosion, crashing car, and such. I don't know this show was sucks or i've seen the awesome one like a Water World show on Universal Studio.

    It's 4D special effect things, sounds awesome right? you know what, when i was about walked near this area. The guard said the 4D not available yet. WTF! how dare they publicity it everywhere if they are not ready yet.


   Around 4.45 pm people gathered at this area. The show start with parade of clowns, famous movie characters, pop idol, and fairy tale characters. And closed with laser show which nothing judge from the story and the laser itself compare to singapore or disney's laser show.

   Here are some tips for you if you plan to go there :
Holiday season : regular ticket (IDR 200.000), vip tiket (IDR 400.000)
   Normal season : regular ticket (IDR 150.000), vip ticket (IDR 350.000)
Add more bucks to your card, since you will spent it for souvenirs and foods
Games that makes you wet should be done last
Please don't bring your baby, when he/she cry it will not fun anymore
They will inspect your bag before you entered the area, it's okay to bring your own drink but not with snack. There are 3 options, go to the locker, eat all your food and enter the area, or smuggled it. Ask one of your friend who wear a jacket to keep inside it.

You Are Melody Number