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Summer Fest at Jakarta Fair 2012

FOTD - Kumis Ayahku Harapanku *giggling*
   That's not a typo, i also giggle a lot when read it. Mr. Governor definitely win again by this slogan.

  A week ago we went to Jakarta Fair [Pekan Raya Jakarta], well what should i say? like a year and the years before, it's crowded, hot, tired, but fun. For some people they are really excited and waited for this fair.

Mom and a walking violinist statue
  This year only met few interesting characters like this walking statue, transformer, some ghosts and zombies. And uninteresting scary big head mascot. Duuuh, i expecting more than this.  

   I believe some of you have watch PRJ review on tv. Yes, the most only interesting place is a haunted house. To enter the house you have to buy a ticket first IDR 25.000, hmm don't underestimated this low price because i bet you will have non stop scream.

Entrance of Rumah Sakit Kebajoran
    A scary bleeding ghost wait for us at the entrance of haunted house. That big and almost pop out eyes staring my mom. The more people who come out the house were run, screamed, and cried, the more excited we have. But my younger sister keep bagging to not join this madness. Hmm let's prove how scary this haunted house....

Three tickets in hands now, only dad, amel, and i
   A group of 5 people can enter this house, just to let you know the house is stink like 'menyan' or something, if you have asthma, heart problem, and leg injury are not recommended to enter. Me? i got all of those problem but who cares, i still want to see the ghost >.<

   In front of us, there's a couple of lover who already arrange in ready to go group. But she told to the guard if we are her family and she won't separate from us. And here we are join a group of 7 people. She told me she feels more safe if there are more people in group. 

   When we enter the house, the formation is dad at the center, amel at his left, and me at his right. The room getting more and more darker. Smelly. Foggy. And suddenly BANG! BANG! please don't ask me what sounds is that because i have no clue, it was too scary. Four people in front of us run first left we in the back. Alone. I jumped out when i bumped a scary grim the ripper. I ruined the formation. So now amel, me, and dad walk in a row while dad tried so hard to hugs and protect both of us. Yes it's hard since we walk step by step and there are many ghost follow us. Corrected, follow my dad.

   The house is long than i expected. In other room i met pocong, suster ngesot, tuyul, a scary granny, and other ghost who keep says "please don't go... help me", "please let me be with you" in scary sounds. 

   Firstly i keep close my eyes, especially when met suster ngesot who told me to give my leg to her. But then i remember there's nothing to fear when my dad around. So i try to open my eyes. And yes, i can clearly see all of them and say hi to the ghosts. But seriously if only amel and i enter this haunted house i bet like 4 people before who run when met first ghost.

   Not far from us, i saw a guy who hit one of the ghost. And the ghost's friends come with angry face. The guy didn't has other choice and run. Well, i read from other blog they experience hit the ghost thingy. Actually the ghosts only pop out, make a scary face, or call you with desperate and scary sounds. They won't touch you, poke, or even grab your leg or shirt. Trust me. Because i walk step by step not run, remember? For people who hit the ghosts, if the reason was shocked well i can accept it. But if the reason was just being cool in front of your girlfriend oh shame on you. To protect someone doesn't always mean to protect like a bodyguard and keep hitting people who near the princess but you can find other way to protect someone. Like my dad, he hugs both of us and keep telling us if everything gonna be alright ^^

Today challenge was succeed !
    While everyone come out the house with depression expression, screamed, and such. Different with us, we giggled. Because a few room before exit door, there's only empty room with no ghosts around. Till suddenly a pocong pop out and again i bumps him. Awkward. And giggled. To see more photo and video you can visit spectaclar live horror facebook.

Scary rate without my dad : ♥♥♥♥♥
Scary rate with dad around :
Can not tell this guy is vampire or grim
Lastly, hope you are a fast loader everytime visit my page ~(^o^)~

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