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   When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

   I went to my cousin's wedding this weekend, they did ceremony and reception in one day. Seriously for you who said doing all of this in one day better than doing in different days, you wrong. I prefer come to different days of ceremony and wedding reception. Beside it's super tired for the bride, groom, and whole family member, the other reason is i think you can't hide your tired face even with a awesome make up artist. But oh well that's only my personal thought about one day ceremony~reception.

   Back to the ceremony. Look the aisle, the combination of red and gold are so pretty. The bride is my cousin she is half banjar and minang, and the groom is pure padang. So...

   One of the advantage being a bride/groom's family is you can monopoly the aisle while they were busy to make up and dress up in other room. Well, here are some photos that we took before the ceremony started.
I wonder why they look so happy ^^
When i was a kid people keep telling me if i look like my dad, but now the more i denied the more i look like mom. Even mom always teasing me by copy my style and call we both twins lol
love @AdeliaShahtrida's smile that day, so pretty ^^
@ameliasyanindi with our granny, you know what she's 97 years old now. AWESOME!
Mr. & Miss Mustache ^~^
And finally "akad nikah". Dad is their witness ^^

   Umm, how to say it... from many wedding i came, this one didn't even touchy me. I mean my eyes always teary when i saw this scene, the bride who asked approval to her dad always make me moved T_T. But that day, it was like oh okay, i see that. Weird. Mom said it's because the ceremony held in a ballroom instead home or mosque. I think she's right.

   I told you before if the wedding held in one day right? so 2 hours after ceremony, they held the reception. What so oh tired day. I even fallen asleep in a chair and definitely i will not appear on their wedding album, le sigh.

And here's a few photos before i fallen asleep >.<

    The dancer perform tari piring and other dance which im sorry i don't know what the name of the dance, and what the meaning of the dances. Hehehe i am not a minang by the way ^^, but seeing a traditional dances from other ethnic are cool.

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