Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

So you begged to be treated equal yet you still use your gender to be prioritised? Make up you mind, women.

   Proud to be a woman who don't have to be "equal" with the men just look to be cool. We all already are. Being a women is awesome by nature, without proof it to anybody. Rock on as who we were born or we choose to be!

   For those who feel like to have the right and opportunity to be equal with men, don't we equal already? you just need to realize it. In my honest opinion, an equal should not be measured from masculine side. The awesome women and men can be seen in any case. So you don't have to dress up your self like a men or choose a job just because mostly men did it. Duuuh, why don't you grow penis and balls to feel "equal" then.

   We are all equal when we allow our historically constructed patriarchalism mindset to believe so. Screw labels and enjoy the chaos. You will never know how strong a woman could be ^^

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