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Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time

My Fashion Of The Day (FOTD
   So today we went to Paris Van Java (PVJ), the day was so nice. Sunny and windy. I love weather like this. By the way, i was so lucky because no one can shower in apartment except me, muahahaha.

   Since i really need to restock my nail polish, mask, body scrubs supply, and miss some puppies koko and i've decided went to PVJ. For me personally, i love shopping at Ciwalk. The place is so good (not make me confuse like PVJ did), many restaurants serve yummy foods, and even the rest room looks and smells so nice (PVJ not). But i think i need to break spent money at Ciwalk for a bit. Bored maybe.  

   That day started sooo nice, good weather, saw beautiful flowers around, went to bird park, try some beauty products and i got my nail polish supply ^^
Koko snap this picture
And this one was me ^^

   From all the birds i only know one, owl. And the other one im not sure what kind of bird is that. Anyone can help me??
The sleeping owl
Not sure this is a turkey or not :(
What should i call these two birds? male and female bird? lol XD
   And the last one is Lactasari Farm, can you imagine a farm in a city? NO i mean a farm in the mall. Seriously, there is! You can pay IDR 35,000 on weekdays or IDR 40,000 on weekends for one child plus one guardian. In this rate you can having fun feeding the rabbits and guinea pig, give the milk for fluffy sheep and goat, an oh you can also get free yoghurt or milk ^^

   Fiuh.... after all that fun we go back to Carrefour, i need to buy some stuff. But than all the fun suddenly gone when koko get a called from his brother. Cih! i hate when men so excited when hear model photo session and boobies. He begging me to come and see that boring girl with biiiig boobies ride a motorcycle, seriously i want to kick his ass!!

*click read more to see the model*

   I can't stand watched this stupid boyfriend looking or maybe staring the boobies, so i let my self trapped to a man that try to introduce a car for me. Yes, i hop into the car and enjoying my self to play with car's GPS and built-in parking camera while koko looking around for me.

Sorry im not providing you with my own pictures because i forgot koko bring the camera so i just google it

   Sooo, everytime i see Mazda i always says "eww look at the body, so terrible. the color's so not cool. green duh! peugeot still much better". But today i think i will take back my word. The seat is white and super comfy, has awesome touch screen gadget like LCD, GPS, built-in parking camera, ipad and phone charge, i mean it has what all i need. Plus the steering wheel look fit in my hands, i mean i have a small palm. Peugeot has a bit bulky steer so when i drive it, well just so so. Uhm, i want this car.

   But.. but.. but.. im in love this Mazda MX5. Focus! the car not that guy. The salesperson says the car ready in a week. Plus.. plus.. plus he invite me to test drive. Hahaha of course i want ^^

    In the end koko finally knows my hide place, a bit glad because if he didn't go for the boobies i never hop in this car ^^. I still mad of course, but he explain the detail for me. I don't know it was over react or every guy has his own beauty score, because koko said the model not that beauty and also there's no big boobies, definitely different with his imagination. He wants see it just because want to see it. Well, i agree. when someone say a model i will think she should be has a white and good skin, pretty face, sexy pose with biiiig boobies. I remember when he accompany me went shopping at BIP, he also excited to see a model in the stage but then he come back with long face and said the model is look like a half man.

   Buahahaha.... i hope he cured from a habit run to a model. Admit it what you own is the better.

3 Love Letters:

  1. Nindy lebih cantik kok dibandingin modelnya, semangat ya!!

  2. Minggu depan baru sempet ke Bandung, sekalian lah ngajak anak ngeliat binatang-binatang lucu. Blognya informatif sekali. Terimakasih reviewnya.


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