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Etude House - Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix #2 Long Lash Review

   Hi everyone, how's your long weekend? mine is just so so. By the way, i just stop by and doing a review of Eude House Nymph Aura Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix #2 Long Lash that i have at the moment. I got this for free from my lovely sister, hehe thank you for sent me such a precious mascara ~(^o^)~

   Now what is Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix? According to the description on the packaging, it's says :
"Formulated with advanced waterproof technology, Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix provides longer lashes without smudging, clumping, and flaking."

   Mine is #2 Long Lash, i think this mascara is so eye catching since it has hot pink color and i could find this mascara easily in my beauty case because of it ^^

Etude House Nymph Aura
The top of the packaging reminds me of nail polishes, lol

   When i got this i was pretty excited to test it out, hoping it was amazing black mascara. Since it's called "Henna Mascara" right?

   The applicator wand is nice. I don't like wands that are either too huge or too tiny, and this works well i think. The wand is also flexible, easy to use both for master and they who never apply a mascara on the lashes.

   I was told if this mascara is waterproof and it volumnizes. Now let's give it a bit try. Here you can see what the actual mascara looks like. Totally black as i expected!

Wash with water and i used my other hand to give a gently rub around 10 times. Still there.
Now rub a bit harsh also 10 times. Well it's about fade away, but yeah still there.
Rub mooore harsh 10 times, fuck! not gone.
Rubs... rubs.. rubs... i don't know how many times until it's gone. I don't know you can see it clearly or not but the heena still there like a little dot and my skin ends up turn red as well.

   Omg it's crazy waterprooof!!! It's stayed on, im impressed~ hmmm so what people say is true. Now i don't have feel worry to spend my day at the beach, playing with water, and taking a swim. Howaaah i could swim with it ^^. 

    A year ago i ever have bad experience used waterproof mascara and go to swim, you know what i wiped my face with my hands the mascara faded. WTF! and mom suddenly teased me because i've used bad waterproof mascara :(. Now problem solve because my new weapon!

my lashes before applying mascara
1 coat with and without eye curler
   I was try to find out the different if i applied with and without eye curler, the result it use eye curler is so much better. Lol, i know i know it's long lash not curl ^^

after 3 coats
3 coats with flash
    No clumping. I think max is 3 coats because i've try layering it more more and more but the result is same. lt does make lashes longer but gives only a little bit of volume. After using makeup remover and showering, the product still left on my lashes. But the good thing is when i wake up in the next day i don't have raccoon eyes, hahaha.

it's held up against water pretty well
it make my lashes looks more longer, more black and natural
great lasting power, no smudging, flaking or running throughout the day
although already in the layer several times mascara doesn't clump 

- not quite thick, can't reach dramatic looks
- should have good quality product of eye makeup remover to completely clean the mascara in easy way 
- for those looking for full long lash look, this lengthens and volumizes but not the exaggerated type!

   My overall rating is
because this mascara is suitable for daily use, can last all day in my eyes and the results are natural, not too heavy on my eyes. And also awesome for playing on the beach or taking a swim.

   Fiuwh, testing good product was quite exciting for me! And that's all my review for today, i'll make another one later. And oh for you who want to have this mascara, don't worry you can simply order by click this shop. The price? IDR 150,000 worth it lah to have playful eyes while you swim. Thanks for reading ^^

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  1. gue pernah liat mascara ini di online shop gitu, pernah pengen beli tapi ragu. harganya itu loh :(

    1. kalo gw bilang mah harga segitu sebanding kok sama qualitynya. bener-bener waterproof. itu aja waktu dicobain di tangan mesti rub kenceng-kenceng baru bisa ilang. ayo ayo dicobain ^^

    2. nin, ini upgrade dari aloha series bukan sih?

    3. entahlah kalo liat bentuknya sih sama, waterproof juga. tapi brush sama packagingnya beda.

  2. Looks pretty! (:

    Check out my blog & current giveaway? (:

  3. nah ini lho mbak nin, referensi maskara yg saya cari-cari, sempat lihat juga tapi belum jadi beli. makasih mbak infonya :)
    oh ya mbak, ditunggu ya postingan tentang tas, maaf kelamaan :)

  4. hey. Bagaimana kalau kau ajari aku berbahasa inggris?
    Ku skarang kerja di vila. Bos ku orang belanda, tapi berkomunikasi menggunakan bahasa inggris dgn karyawannya. aku kesulitan dlm berkomunikasi dgn nya, soalnya tak begitu lancar berbahasa inggris. Mau kah kau mengajari ku? Percakapan lewat tlp mungkin sedikit membantu

    1. asik banget ya punya boss bule ^^
      ya deh tar private englishnya sama aku aja, tapi lewat twitter aja ya :p

  5. Review yg bagus sist, jadi pengen ikut nyobain Etude House Henna Fixnya, hehehe. Thanks for sharing us the review!


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