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Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny, simply call it bad luck

   Do you believe that friday the 13th bring the bad luck? well some say it's the most unluckiest day of the year. For some people the curse is really happen but for others it's just a normal day.

   I personally don't really care about how superstition that day. But last week i've had several incidents of bad luck, start from ordinary bad luck till friday the 13th bad luck.

   Let's say i started my day with pick wrong lucky charm, shit happen since morning. My elbow got scratched so badly without even knowing what caused it. My necklace unexpectedly slipped when i was take a bath, fortunately it was not gone by the water. Hmm what else *let me think for a sec*, oh the weather that day was fine but my makeup ruined! it was count as bad luck of course.

   Well let's just say if you have a normal day, and the other one say that day was the luckiest day, so my day was so so with low level of bad luck. But two of my friends live got 10 times worse. They totally rolled that bad dice.

   It was friday and rain fallen down. Only few people who choose sleep on their room while other doing their business. Someone knocked my door and asked for someone named Rina. I told him i don't know her and i believe he just went to wrong place. Still ordinary day.

   But around 2 hours later my friend knocked my door so hardly, i can make sure she almost break it. Not really sure about her expression, it was shock, mad, sad, all in one. She asked me have someone come, i nodded my head. Suddenly i realize oh shit how if that person is her friend. I asked her is by any chance that person was her friend. With her teary eyes she said no, but someone have enter her room and stolen all her money, laptop, handphone, and SLR camera. And my other friend, the thieves also stolen her things like 2 handphones, vaio laptop, and ALL her money in little piggybank. SHIT! i just met 2 thieves who talked casually with me and i didn't know if they were so dangerous! FYI their room was locked before they left, so it's useless if you keep saying it's their fault because not locked properly.

   For the first time in my life there are so many police keep asked me so many questions, because i was one of three witnesses. Scary of course. I mean everytime i go outside, i always keep thinking is my room safe? Should i go back and bring my laptop, camera, and everything important with me?

   I never thought and believe about it really but with a thing happened to me that day, i might as well believe friday the 13th bring unlucky day for so many reasons. Shit happens. And shit happens anytime.

Note :
   Please be careful when a stranger knock your room and asking for someone who definitely NOT there. You can't tell a stranger is a good or bad person just by her/his look. And for Bandung area, a few days ago i saw a banner from police that announce to be careful with a thief who disguise like a student (>.<)

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