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Dare The World To Save The Planet

   Anyone else taking part of Earth Hour?

   No matter where you are, you can become a part of Earth Hour by simply switching off your lights, and show the world you care. Sure, turning off all the lights for an hour will reduce energy consumption. But, it is only for an hour. Afterwards, everyone will just turn all the lights back on and your energy consumption goes back to where it was.  A bit disappointed i think when i hear someone says "we only got 60 minutes to save the world".

   If you really want to decrease your energy consumption, commit it for a full year, and not just for one fucking hour. Do it continuously everyday. Make every hour is earth hour.

 Our country during earth hour ^^

6 Love Letters:

  1. great article. I also do the earth hour sometimes.

    ah ya, Sorry for this inconvenience. The widget didn't working yesterday but now it fixed. Please, re-register for the giveaway in the widget form. thank you.. :)


    1. oh okay entar registrasi lagi deh, thanx ya udah dikasi tau ^^

  2. hmmm...
    ada yg ilang energy ga dapat diciptakan dan ga dapat dimusnahkan....
    lalu mengapa dihemat...??
    tolong diinggriskan...??

    1. energi baru emang bisa diciptain tapi bukan berarti dia unlimited, semua yang ada di bumi pasti limited.

      kita sebenernya bisa kaya negara lain yang udah bikin energi pake solar system, arus laut, nuklir, but the problem is siapa yang mau investasi ke kita? gak ada? bukan kita ga bisa tapi karena investor ngaggep buat apa invest ke indonesia sementara bbm yang ada aja masih murah banget.

      bbm murah berarti demand buat energi baru bakal kurang banget. beda sama diluar negri. bbm mahal tapi sumber energi alternatifnya banyak.

  3. i just did earth hour too yesterday :)
    anyway checkout mine dear,thankyou<3


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