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Firmoo Black Rectangular Eyeglasses

  Tadaaaaa..... forget about my last boyfriend because now i have the new one, muahahaha ^^. No kidding lah, this Koko, still the same boyfriend lol. 

   I remember my friend Nia, she told me if a guy with eyeglasses always catch her eyes. Well in my last experience, a guy with glasses mean geek, freak, smart but not cool enough! But oh look at koko now, can not tell he always catch my eyes or the glasses just too awesome to make people who wear it look so cool.

   Actually it has been a month since he told me his vision kinda blurry when seeing distance range. It's bad of course. Plus you tell me how much is good quality glasses price? here in Indonesia it's more than $200.

   The good news is finally i have my first sponsor called FIRMOO *yeeey, please cheers for me \\(^o^)//*, it's emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. They sent me a glasses that koko and i choose first. Still wondering how could they offer high quality glasses with extremely affordable prices?

Seriously, we are extremely impressed with the quality of the frame and the lens
   This is a pair of semi-rimless eyeglasses for both men and women. The front frame is made from high qualified sleek metal, while the arms are constructed of light and resilient plastic, which weighs only 16 grams with basic lenses, helping to grasp his heads super comfort. The rectangular shaped lenses, with suitable size are only for single vision correction needs. Four colors for option, include black, blue, gunmetal and red. Proper for most occasions and express mature and intelligence all the time. Like Superman, lol. I choose a pair of black frame glasses because i wanted something simple ^^

   I also got a free blue shiny pouch to use as a glass pouch, aside from the hard plastic glass case that came with the glasses. The case looks like any ordinary glass case with Firmoo written on top with gold letters. A nice micro fiber cloth to wipe the glasses, plus i also got the spare part of the glasses. You will never know if something happen with your glasses right?

   If you would like to have a look at the glasses or maybe how koko looks, here are more shots that i took yesterday. It's adorable  ^^

love this sexy pose, nyahahaha make me melting whole day ,
The glasses gave total comfort to his eyes and fits his lifestyle activities
Love the quality, makes the the vision like HD quality lol
CHEEEEAP, omg enough said
Impressed with time delivery and they responded fast to my email
There are over 300 style of classic & fashion eyeglasses, wraparound sunglasses and goggles 

   Not really like the hard glasses case, because it's plastic and the color is meh you know green and transparent. I expected it was nice and fashionable case. But okay lah, since the quality of glasses more important.


   If you happen to looking for good eyeglasses or sunglasses that will cost you less than $100, i suggest you check their site http://www.firmoo.com to see various style that suit your taste and need. And oh they also have promos such as free shipping to any part of the world, interesting not? ^^

5 Love Letters:

  1. congratulation kakaaa...
    ini tuh yang pernah ada di iklan fb gak sih? kaya pernah liat gitu logonya, ga pernah nyoba diklik tapi hahahaha

  2. mba..
    aku nyoba beli satu nih..
    terpercaya kan ya mba?

    1. iya dear, udah banyak yang nyobain kok ^^
      kalau ga salah sekitar 10 harian barangnya baru nyampe. kalau ada something's wrong, kasi tau aja ya. tar aku kasi email cp nya mereka ^^

    2. sis. tanya..
      kan aku uda 13 hari lebih..
      terus aku emailkeCSnya..terus disuruh tracking ke ems.com
      nah..tulisannyadi situ released from customs..tanggal 15 lalu..
      smp skg kok belum smp Malang ya sis?huhu..
      pake jasa kurir ya biasanya sis?
      soalnya aku gapernah online shopping yang dr luar.. :D
      email aja ya sis di meela.is.me@gmail.com

    3. statusnya released ya? hmm kalo gitu kacamatanya lagi dalam perjalanan ke indonesia meel, ditunggu aja ya. tar lagi pasti nyampe kok ^^

      buat info lebih lengkapnya aku email aja ya ~(^o^)~


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