Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Firmoo Black Rectangular Eyeglasses

  Tadaaaaa..... forget about my last boyfriend because now i have the new one, muahahaha ^^. No kidding lah, this Koko, still the same boyfriend lol. 

   I remember my friend Nia, she told me if a guy with eyeglasses always catch her eyes. Well in my last experience, a guy with glasses mean geek, freak, smart but not cool enough! But oh look at koko now, can not tell he always catch my eyes or the glasses just too awesome to make people who wear it look so cool.

   Actually it has been a month since he told me his vision kinda blurry when seeing distance range. It's bad of course. Plus you tell me how much is good quality glasses price? here in Indonesia it's more than $200.

   The good news is finally i have my first sponsor called FIRMOO *yeeey, please cheers for me \\(^o^)//*, it's emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. They sent me a glasses that koko and i choose first. Still wondering how could they offer high quality glasses with extremely affordable prices?

Seriously, we are extremely impressed with the quality of the frame and the lens
   This is a pair of semi-rimless eyeglasses for both men and women. The front frame is made from high qualified sleek metal, while the arms are constructed of light and resilient plastic, which weighs only 16 grams with basic lenses, helping to grasp his heads super comfort. The rectangular shaped lenses, with suitable size are only for single vision correction needs. Four colors for option, include black, blue, gunmetal and red. Proper for most occasions and express mature and intelligence all the time. Like Superman, lol. I choose a pair of black frame glasses because i wanted something simple ^^

   I also got a free blue shiny pouch to use as a glass pouch, aside from the hard plastic glass case that came with the glasses. The case looks like any ordinary glass case with Firmoo written on top with gold letters. A nice micro fiber cloth to wipe the glasses, plus i also got the spare part of the glasses. You will never know if something happen with your glasses right?

   If you would like to have a look at the glasses or maybe how koko looks, here are more shots that i took yesterday. It's adorable  ^^

love this sexy pose, nyahahaha make me melting whole day ,
The glasses gave total comfort to his eyes and fits his lifestyle activities
Love the quality, makes the the vision like HD quality lol
CHEEEEAP, omg enough said
Impressed with time delivery and they responded fast to my email
There are over 300 style of classic & fashion eyeglasses, wraparound sunglasses and goggles 

   Not really like the hard glasses case, because it's plastic and the color is meh you know green and transparent. I expected it was nice and fashionable case. But okay lah, since the quality of glasses more important.


   If you happen to looking for good eyeglasses or sunglasses that will cost you less than $100, i suggest you check their site http://www.firmoo.com to see various style that suit your taste and need. And oh they also have promos such as free shipping to any part of the world, interesting not? ^^

So you begged to be treated equal yet you still use your gender to be prioritised? Make up you mind, women.

   Proud to be a woman who don't have to be "equal" with the men just look to be cool. We all already are. Being a women is awesome by nature, without proof it to anybody. Rock on as who we were born or we choose to be!

   For those who feel like to have the right and opportunity to be equal with men, don't we equal already? you just need to realize it. In my honest opinion, an equal should not be measured from masculine side. The awesome women and men can be seen in any case. So you don't have to dress up your self like a men or choose a job just because mostly men did it. Duuuh, why don't you grow penis and balls to feel "equal" then.

   We are all equal when we allow our historically constructed patriarchalism mindset to believe so. Screw labels and enjoy the chaos. You will never know how strong a woman could be ^^

Treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we shall have each other

   Spamming your dashboard with my #coupleoftheday picture. LOL, what embarrassment hastag ^^

Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny, simply call it bad luck

   Do you believe that friday the 13th bring the bad luck? well some say it's the most unluckiest day of the year. For some people the curse is really happen but for others it's just a normal day.

   I personally don't really care about how superstition that day. But last week i've had several incidents of bad luck, start from ordinary bad luck till friday the 13th bad luck.

   Let's say i started my day with pick wrong lucky charm, shit happen since morning. My elbow got scratched so badly without even knowing what caused it. My necklace unexpectedly slipped when i was take a bath, fortunately it was not gone by the water. Hmm what else *let me think for a sec*, oh the weather that day was fine but my makeup ruined! it was count as bad luck of course.

   Well let's just say if you have a normal day, and the other one say that day was the luckiest day, so my day was so so with low level of bad luck. But two of my friends live got 10 times worse. They totally rolled that bad dice.

   It was friday and rain fallen down. Only few people who choose sleep on their room while other doing their business. Someone knocked my door and asked for someone named Rina. I told him i don't know her and i believe he just went to wrong place. Still ordinary day.

   But around 2 hours later my friend knocked my door so hardly, i can make sure she almost break it. Not really sure about her expression, it was shock, mad, sad, all in one. She asked me have someone come, i nodded my head. Suddenly i realize oh shit how if that person is her friend. I asked her is by any chance that person was her friend. With her teary eyes she said no, but someone have enter her room and stolen all her money, laptop, handphone, and SLR camera. And my other friend, the thieves also stolen her things like 2 handphones, vaio laptop, and ALL her money in little piggybank. SHIT! i just met 2 thieves who talked casually with me and i didn't know if they were so dangerous! FYI their room was locked before they left, so it's useless if you keep saying it's their fault because not locked properly.

   For the first time in my life there are so many police keep asked me so many questions, because i was one of three witnesses. Scary of course. I mean everytime i go outside, i always keep thinking is my room safe? Should i go back and bring my laptop, camera, and everything important with me?

   I never thought and believe about it really but with a thing happened to me that day, i might as well believe friday the 13th bring unlucky day for so many reasons. Shit happens. And shit happens anytime.

Note :
   Please be careful when a stranger knock your room and asking for someone who definitely NOT there. You can't tell a stranger is a good or bad person just by her/his look. And for Bandung area, a few days ago i saw a banner from police that announce to be careful with a thief who disguise like a student (>.<)

Etude House - Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix #2 Long Lash Review

   Hi everyone, how's your long weekend? mine is just so so. By the way, i just stop by and doing a review of Eude House Nymph Aura Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix #2 Long Lash that i have at the moment. I got this for free from my lovely sister, hehe thank you for sent me such a precious mascara ~(^o^)~

   Now what is Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix? According to the description on the packaging, it's says :
"Formulated with advanced waterproof technology, Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara Super Fix provides longer lashes without smudging, clumping, and flaking."

   Mine is #2 Long Lash, i think this mascara is so eye catching since it has hot pink color and i could find this mascara easily in my beauty case because of it ^^

Etude House Nymph Aura
The top of the packaging reminds me of nail polishes, lol

   When i got this i was pretty excited to test it out, hoping it was amazing black mascara. Since it's called "Henna Mascara" right?

   The applicator wand is nice. I don't like wands that are either too huge or too tiny, and this works well i think. The wand is also flexible, easy to use both for master and they who never apply a mascara on the lashes.

   I was told if this mascara is waterproof and it volumnizes. Now let's give it a bit try. Here you can see what the actual mascara looks like. Totally black as i expected!

Wash with water and i used my other hand to give a gently rub around 10 times. Still there.
Now rub a bit harsh also 10 times. Well it's about fade away, but yeah still there.
Rub mooore harsh 10 times, fuck! not gone.
Rubs... rubs.. rubs... i don't know how many times until it's gone. I don't know you can see it clearly or not but the heena still there like a little dot and my skin ends up turn red as well.

   Omg it's crazy waterprooof!!! It's stayed on, im impressed~ hmmm so what people say is true. Now i don't have feel worry to spend my day at the beach, playing with water, and taking a swim. Howaaah i could swim with it ^^. 

Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time

My Fashion Of The Day (FOTD
   So today we went to Paris Van Java (PVJ), the day was so nice. Sunny and windy. I love weather like this. By the way, i was so lucky because no one can shower in apartment except me, muahahaha.

   Since i really need to restock my nail polish, mask, body scrubs supply, and miss some puppies koko and i've decided went to PVJ. For me personally, i love shopping at Ciwalk. The place is so good (not make me confuse like PVJ did), many restaurants serve yummy foods, and even the rest room looks and smells so nice (PVJ not). But i think i need to break spent money at Ciwalk for a bit. Bored maybe.  

   That day started sooo nice, good weather, saw beautiful flowers around, went to bird park, try some beauty products and i got my nail polish supply ^^
Koko snap this picture
And this one was me ^^

   From all the birds i only know one, owl. And the other one im not sure what kind of bird is that. Anyone can help me??
The sleeping owl
Not sure this is a turkey or not :(
What should i call these two birds? male and female bird? lol XD
   And the last one is Lactasari Farm, can you imagine a farm in a city? NO i mean a farm in the mall. Seriously, there is! You can pay IDR 35,000 on weekdays or IDR 40,000 on weekends for one child plus one guardian. In this rate you can having fun feeding the rabbits and guinea pig, give the milk for fluffy sheep and goat, an oh you can also get free yoghurt or milk ^^

   Fiuh.... after all that fun we go back to Carrefour, i need to buy some stuff. But than all the fun suddenly gone when koko get a called from his brother. Cih! i hate when men so excited when hear model photo session and boobies. He begging me to come and see that boring girl with biiiig boobies ride a motorcycle, seriously i want to kick his ass!!

*click read more to see the model*

Play with makeup and be disney characters

   I was play with makeup yesterday, let's say i did disney  from looxperiments. When i hear disney, my brain will think it's should be princesses, minnie mouse, and thinkerbell. 

   My first disney character is Minnie Mouse. Minnie is sweet, beautiful and fun-loving but she has moment when anger gets the better of her. She never be a bad girl in the situation.

Minnie is more than just a girlfriend for Mickey
So here's my Minney Mouse look after play with makeup around 30 minutes...

   Instead of tying my hair into two buns just like minney's ear, i prefer to make a ribbon hair. This pictures not turn out so well because it's look like im not wearing eye shadow. Seriously lah i need new camera.

   And second character is Thinkerbell. A fairy who's easy to gets jealous when other girls flirt around with Peter Pan. She's not the kindest fairy in the world, but stands up for the people she cares most for. Fearless and always determined, Tinkerbell has a spireted mind, and though not showing it often, is a little softy

Dare The World To Save The Planet

   Anyone else taking part of Earth Hour?

   No matter where you are, you can become a part of Earth Hour by simply switching off your lights, and show the world you care. Sure, turning off all the lights for an hour will reduce energy consumption. But, it is only for an hour. Afterwards, everyone will just turn all the lights back on and your energy consumption goes back to where it was.  A bit disappointed i think when i hear someone says "we only got 60 minutes to save the world".

   If you really want to decrease your energy consumption, commit it for a full year, and not just for one fucking hour. Do it continuously everyday. Make every hour is earth hour.

 Our country during earth hour ^^

You Are Melody Number