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A White Day present for who deserve something lovely from someone lovely

   The good thing is when our anniversary share the date with valentine's day. It's like i've got double gifts, hehehe. And because of that when the white day comes, i also received a gift. So from now on, please find a special day to confess your love to someone ^^

   This year is a bit different with last year, not only there's no wine and red roses but also about the chocolate. And yes, im still happy.

   We started with celebrate anniversary together, and that day was like my day for "all you can eat". We move from one cafe to another, try their signature dish, and such. Also did basic date like watch a movie, umm what movies is it again? forgot already, lol...

   He keep did that shocking face when i told him im hungry (again), because we already eat something around 15 minutes ago...

   Beside my homemade crispy chocolate i also gave this for him. No, it's not ordinary diary for he write!! this the special one.

This the first page

And this the other pages

   I wrote a story about us with a lot of pictures of course. A story about how we met, he ever told me how he fallen for me, but this diary telling a story from my side. He like it ^^ and after finished read he keep saying "is that true? howaaa... " and "waa... i didn't know if you still keep our first picture". Hehehe... yes, i did. I took a picture of him when we first met, he visited me at hospital.

    One month passed already, time to celebrate white day. I totally sick with those girls on twitter that keep saying "oh, i want celebrate white day with boyfriend but our country not celebrate it". Stupid. This valentine's or white day is nothing to do with race or country. Stop saying "lucky if you are korean". Gosh!!! keeping telling other people that things is clearly makes you look like a dumb, it's better if you tell your boyfriend to celebrate it. No more jelly to asian! Okay, sorry too emotional, let's move on ^^

   One day before white day he asked what present that i want for white day, i told him i want a teddy bear, a hugable one. So yesterday we went to mall to buy my present. Actually if you love to read my blog, i've wrote if i want something wrap and surprise, but he told me it's hard to find what i really want, and it's so true. And here's my teddy, found him at very last shop ^^
...Here my last pictures for the day...
Koko took it during our lunch ^^

   And this one i took by my self but turn not so well, it's better not telling you how was my expression and of course can not compare his handsomeness. Hahahaha...

4 Love Letters:

  1. Gua kemaren nembak pas Valentine...dan ditolak...ihiks
    Tapi keren lho kalo anniversarynya pas deket2 event special gitu, jadi kerasa dapet hadiah dobel, bener kata lu

    Happy anniversary ya...itu diarynya keren banget, hehehe

  2. ouch! sesajen buat cewenya kurang kali kev ^^

    iya, dapet kado banyak. tapi bakal ga enak di cowo soalnya mesti ngeluarin banyak duit, hahaha...

  3. Kunjungan pertama. Kusimak sambil minum cofi zuzue mbk. .:-)

  4. hi sweetie,
    the teddy bear is so cuteee..
    thank you dear for following me, it really means the world for me. im following you back. kisses


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