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Promote Peace And Love Not Violence!!!

   It was so heart break watching a wide scale protests against fuel price raise, which ended with clashes with police and resulted in injuries on both sides.

   Currently the price of fuel at Indonesian petrol stations is lower than anywhere else in the Asean region, about $0.50 a litre (4,500 IDR) to $0.65 a litre (6,000 IDR). The raise is only about $0.15 but look what demonstrants have done?  they look so going crazy, says to defend on behalf of the people but destroying public facilities, blocked the airport, loot fast food restaurant, throwing stones to the police which maybe actually policeman could have actually agreed to not increased the fuel price. and make people scare of them. Viewed from any side of their action is still wrong, disturbing, and make people scare. Can they protest in safety way?

   I think the bigger the gap between fuel price in Indonesia and international oil prices, the bigger the likelihood is of people hoarding and smuggling fuel. Raising fuel prices is the right thing to do so that the government can use the savings created by such a hike to fund infrastructure development and help the poor. But yeah, in general people would agree that fuel subsidies aren't well targeted as they tend to benefit the better off, because any increase in the price of fuel will push up the cost of food, transport and other essential items.

   When the fuel price is getting cheaper, the more people will choose to use their own vehicle. Can you imagine how bad our city's or even country in the future?

   Indonesia has been out of OPEC and no longer able to export oil because demand in the country itself hasn't been met. Why? because we are a consumer nation, wanted to look more wow than others. So if one family has 5 member, mostly they have 5 or maybe 6 cars, yes one for each member and one for family car.

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  1. so agree with your writing.
    Masalah negara emang serba salah, dinaikin kasian rakyat kecil, kalo nggak dinaikin, subsidi negara makin bengkak.
    no comment deh kalo gitu. :p



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