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Bipolar of a creature and her creator

   Nah, please sit down comfortably because im gonna tell you a story ^^

   Umm, maybe it's around a month ago mom have come to visited me (again), happy because this time there's no awkward moment with koko. It was rainy day but we successful arrived on dinner time.

   They serve a pudding, oh lord it was soooo sweet and yummy, i love pudding but this one make me more and more love pudding. Glad because mom have extension meeting with her coworkers so i can eat all the pudding. Actually they serve pudding in a big plate and it's self service, so when i told you i eat all the pudding, i mean ALL the pudding.

   It was really a long long night, waiting for her with koko at the lobby. Seriously i hate waiting for mom when she has a meeting, wonder why it's different with my dad? I remember i ever wait for dad for like 5 hours till he done with his business, and im fine. And this time i have to wait for mom like for 2 half hours, and i feel like ugh seriously she want me to come just for sit on the couch?! Koko knows if i was bored and he know if i love taking a picture, but like you can see it didn't work. Too sleepy already :(

   So on the next day we planned to shopping whole the day, it was what i eat for breakfast. Taking a picture of the food is kinda a bad habit for me, so im sorry if i always spamming with you with a yummy food pictures ^^.

   That day mom's friend want join us. They keep asking me what happening in bandung, i dont know maybe a food bazar at ciwalk but im not sure when it's end. But like all the mom in this world always did, they not listening me and decide just go there. And like i said, i don't know when the bazar end and it was like oh hell where's the bazar gone? lol.

   I was like a ciwalk's tour guide that day, proud because i can answer all their question about where to buy something, know all the menu on cafes, and oh i also took all the their picture. Lol, what a day. And since i always took all the picture, mom's friend asking me do i want take a picture with mom, so here's some of them.
   This is a must outfit when i go out with mom, jeans, a louse shirt, no pants or skirt, event no tanktop >.<. Everytime i wear a pants she was like give me a demon eyes and says "don't it too short for a lady to wear, where's all your trouser? change it!!". Or when i about to wear a dress, or a jeans with tank top she always ask me to change my clothes. But when i manage to wear what she wants and suddenly meet a girl dress nicely, wear a dress, or cute pants, or tanktop, or whatever that i always wear (here), she will says "Oh look she so pretty, love her clothes, so fashionable. Why don't you get a dress like her?" oh god!!

Mom with her happy face because successful buy a lot of goods with daddy's CC.

   And oh if you think our generation is the only camera lover generation. You should see this one. Tadaaaa.... crowded people walk along the cafes but look at this 2 energic moms ^^
   The next day, still shopping around at different place. It was like started from 8am till err 9pm. I don't know if we gonna shopping whole day without rest, like always i wear my wedges and forgot to bring a sandals. And i ends up sit down in every shop that we visit while mom hunt a nice clothes. 

   And actually, mom taking a lot of my picture. But im not sure does the camera so dull or the camera hates mom, because all my pictures turn blurry. And only can save one picture. Yes from a hundred picture of me and it's turn well only for one. ONE!!!
   Amel's gonna have a prom night, and that day we was looking for a pretty dress for her. This one is so unique, i love it, elegant and sexy. Uhum please forget about my shape, it's because im a rice eater. The other one is a long black dress, sexy of course, and by wearing it i can show off my back, if that's for me i can say yes, but im not sure if she like wear a sexy dress. Because everytime i tried a new dress i will come out from a fitting room and go closer to mom, people easily look what i wear. And they always telling my mom if that's dress look so gorgeous on me, especially for a pra wed. Lol. And the other hand when i tried a Kebaya, people keep telling me "oh look the bride look so pretty" and asking to mom where's the groom, lol. This the first time i wear a branded kebaya which for one kebaya (not include bustier and skirt) it can cost you Rp 3 milion for the cheaper one. CRAZY!!!

ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº

 ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº

   Look, mommy and i are actually like typical mom and daughter, we fighting, mad and cry because each other, bullying the loser, try to have dad attention, but we don't hate each other. Koko said he definitely confused about me, sometimes i said i hate mom but next day i proud being her daughter. Here's the proof ^^

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  1. kali ini baca postingan mbak anindy, masih bikin senyum-senyum sendiri.. hihi jadi kangen bareng2 sama ibu :)


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