Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Promote Peace And Love Not Violence!!!

   It was so heart break watching a wide scale protests against fuel price raise, which ended with clashes with police and resulted in injuries on both sides.

   Currently the price of fuel at Indonesian petrol stations is lower than anywhere else in the Asean region, about $0.50 a litre (4,500 IDR) to $0.65 a litre (6,000 IDR). The raise is only about $0.15 but look what demonstrants have done?  they look so going crazy, says to defend on behalf of the people but destroying public facilities, blocked the airport, loot fast food restaurant, throwing stones to the police which maybe actually policeman could have actually agreed to not increased the fuel price. and make people scare of them. Viewed from any side of their action is still wrong, disturbing, and make people scare. Can they protest in safety way?

   I think the bigger the gap between fuel price in Indonesia and international oil prices, the bigger the likelihood is of people hoarding and smuggling fuel. Raising fuel prices is the right thing to do so that the government can use the savings created by such a hike to fund infrastructure development and help the poor. But yeah, in general people would agree that fuel subsidies aren't well targeted as they tend to benefit the better off, because any increase in the price of fuel will push up the cost of food, transport and other essential items.

   When the fuel price is getting cheaper, the more people will choose to use their own vehicle. Can you imagine how bad our city's or even country in the future?

   Indonesia has been out of OPEC and no longer able to export oil because demand in the country itself hasn't been met. Why? because we are a consumer nation, wanted to look more wow than others. So if one family has 5 member, mostly they have 5 or maybe 6 cars, yes one for each member and one for family car.

Start the day with sweet morning

   When you are on your period and have a fever on the same day mean disaster. Yes, the dizzyness increase double, suddenly being spoiled then before, pampered also increase triple.. Wooah, what a hard day for a boyfriend right? hehe...

   Till one day i woke up in with my swollen eyes to starts my days and koko came bring me a breakfast in the bed. I love treat like a princess! he was so charming that day, carefully fed me up, and bring my milk ^^

   It was not easy for me actually, i mean i keep blushing and hide my face with my little hands. My face was like keep burning and red~ish. Sometimes i think it was okay being sick when someone special always be there for you.

1...2...3... Peek Into My BAG

   Right now i am doing one of those "what's in your bag?" shoots. Hehehe let's come closer, peeking into my bag.

   Currently i usually carry this white simple bag when i go somewhere, beside it's match with whatever colors and style that i wear that day, it's also comfy and everything fits without it looking like its gonna explode. Mom bought it around 6 month ago,  hahaha that's why i love shopping with mom.

   The list of people carry around with them is amazing. I guess when you leave home you never really know what you will need.

    From top right, my bag contains :
- A pink umbrella which i never used it. I bring umbrella just in case rainny comes but gladly a minute after arrived home the rain falls down.
- Pashmina, keeping me warm when i watch a movie in cold theater. Also used this for cover my tights. Like you see i love wearing a pants but when i go eat somewhere with koko he always gave me her jacket to cover my tights. That's my i choose take out my pashmina than letting him being cold.
- Inhealer, just in case hard to breath.
- A comb, pink anna sui wallet, two last tickets movie from XXI ciwalk, two camera digital's memory cards,  android phone with pink earphone, and the grey purse is my camera's case.
- That green one is pond's make up pouch, a small pouch but look what's the load. A compact powder, hair ties, eye shadow, nivea lip balm, aubeau lipstick, l'oréal mascara, elf lipgloss, kenzo perfume, bb cream, and vaseline hand body.

   There are also some stuff missing like :
Room key, i never bring my own key, koko does hehe
- Socks, sometimes theater's aircon dramatically down and im about freezing. Pashmina, socks, koko's jacket and hugs keeping me alive till now ^^
Panty liner and mineral water, enough said.

   Sometimes you can also find a book, USB, KFC's tissue, receipts, half eaten chocolate, candies, bangles, panadol, pen, or a flat shoes. Yes, i bring a flat shoes just in case too tired shopping around wearing a wedges for like more than 6 hours.

   How about you there? what do you bring in your bag?

A White Day present for who deserve something lovely from someone lovely

   The good thing is when our anniversary share the date with valentine's day. It's like i've got double gifts, hehehe. And because of that when the white day comes, i also received a gift. So from now on, please find a special day to confess your love to someone ^^

   This year is a bit different with last year, not only there's no wine and red roses but also about the chocolate. And yes, im still happy.

   We started with celebrate anniversary together, and that day was like my day for "all you can eat". We move from one cafe to another, try their signature dish, and such. Also did basic date like watch a movie, umm what movies is it again? forgot already, lol...

   He keep did that shocking face when i told him im hungry (again), because we already eat something around 15 minutes ago...

   Beside my homemade crispy chocolate i also gave this for him. No, it's not ordinary diary for he write!! this the special one.

This the first page

And this the other pages

   I wrote a story about us with a lot of pictures of course. A story about how we met, he ever told me how he fallen for me, but this diary telling a story from my side. He like it ^^ and after finished read he keep saying "is that true? howaaa... " and "waa... i didn't know if you still keep our first picture". Hehehe... yes, i did. I took a picture of him when we first met, he visited me at hospital.

    One month passed already, time to celebrate white day. I totally sick with those girls on twitter that keep saying "oh, i want celebrate white day with boyfriend but our country not celebrate it". Stupid. This valentine's or white day is nothing to do with race or country. Stop saying "lucky if you are korean". Gosh!!! keeping telling other people that things is clearly makes you look like a dumb, it's better if you tell your boyfriend to celebrate it. No more jelly to asian! Okay, sorry too emotional, let's move on ^^

   One day before white day he asked what present that i want for white day, i told him i want a teddy bear, a hugable one. So yesterday we went to mall to buy my present. Actually if you love to read my blog, i've wrote if i want something wrap and surprise, but he told me it's hard to find what i really want, and it's so true. And here's my teddy, found him at very last shop ^^
...Here my last pictures for the day...
Koko took it during our lunch ^^

   And this one i took by my self but turn not so well, it's better not telling you how was my expression and of course can not compare his handsomeness. Hahahaha...

Bipolar of a creature and her creator

   Nah, please sit down comfortably because im gonna tell you a story ^^

   Umm, maybe it's around a month ago mom have come to visited me (again), happy because this time there's no awkward moment with koko. It was rainy day but we successful arrived on dinner time.

   They serve a pudding, oh lord it was soooo sweet and yummy, i love pudding but this one make me more and more love pudding. Glad because mom have extension meeting with her coworkers so i can eat all the pudding. Actually they serve pudding in a big plate and it's self service, so when i told you i eat all the pudding, i mean ALL the pudding.

   It was really a long long night, waiting for her with koko at the lobby. Seriously i hate waiting for mom when she has a meeting, wonder why it's different with my dad? I remember i ever wait for dad for like 5 hours till he done with his business, and im fine. And this time i have to wait for mom like for 2 half hours, and i feel like ugh seriously she want me to come just for sit on the couch?! Koko knows if i was bored and he know if i love taking a picture, but like you can see it didn't work. Too sleepy already :(

   So on the next day we planned to shopping whole the day, it was what i eat for breakfast. Taking a picture of the food is kinda a bad habit for me, so im sorry if i always spamming with you with a yummy food pictures ^^.

   That day mom's friend want join us. They keep asking me what happening in bandung, i dont know maybe a food bazar at ciwalk but im not sure when it's end. But like all the mom in this world always did, they not listening me and decide just go there. And like i said, i don't know when the bazar end and it was like oh hell where's the bazar gone? lol.

   I was like a ciwalk's tour guide that day, proud because i can answer all their question about where to buy something, know all the menu on cafes, and oh i also took all the their picture. Lol, what a day. And since i always took all the picture, mom's friend asking me do i want take a picture with mom, so here's some of them.
   This is a must outfit when i go out with mom, jeans, a louse shirt, no pants or skirt, event no tanktop >.<. Everytime i wear a pants she was like give me a demon eyes and says "don't it too short for a lady to wear, where's all your trouser? change it!!". Or when i about to wear a dress, or a jeans with tank top she always ask me to change my clothes. But when i manage to wear what she wants and suddenly meet a girl dress nicely, wear a dress, or cute pants, or tanktop, or whatever that i always wear (here), she will says "Oh look she so pretty, love her clothes, so fashionable. Why don't you get a dress like her?" oh god!!

Mom with her happy face because successful buy a lot of goods with daddy's CC.

   And oh if you think our generation is the only camera lover generation. You should see this one. Tadaaaa.... crowded people walk along the cafes but look at this 2 energic moms ^^
   The next day, still shopping around at different place. It was like started from 8am till err 9pm. I don't know if we gonna shopping whole day without rest, like always i wear my wedges and forgot to bring a sandals. And i ends up sit down in every shop that we visit while mom hunt a nice clothes. 

   And actually, mom taking a lot of my picture. But im not sure does the camera so dull or the camera hates mom, because all my pictures turn blurry. And only can save one picture. Yes from a hundred picture of me and it's turn well only for one. ONE!!!
   Amel's gonna have a prom night, and that day we was looking for a pretty dress for her. This one is so unique, i love it, elegant and sexy. Uhum please forget about my shape, it's because im a rice eater. The other one is a long black dress, sexy of course, and by wearing it i can show off my back, if that's for me i can say yes, but im not sure if she like wear a sexy dress. Because everytime i tried a new dress i will come out from a fitting room and go closer to mom, people easily look what i wear. And they always telling my mom if that's dress look so gorgeous on me, especially for a pra wed. Lol. And the other hand when i tried a Kebaya, people keep telling me "oh look the bride look so pretty" and asking to mom where's the groom, lol. This the first time i wear a branded kebaya which for one kebaya (not include bustier and skirt) it can cost you Rp 3 milion for the cheaper one. CRAZY!!!

ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº

 ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº    ºoº

   Look, mommy and i are actually like typical mom and daughter, we fighting, mad and cry because each other, bullying the loser, try to have dad attention, but we don't hate each other. Koko said he definitely confused about me, sometimes i said i hate mom but next day i proud being her daughter. Here's the proof ^^

There is a great difference between FLIRT and SEDUCE

   Yesterday i read #nomention twit like this :
"If a boy is a flirt, it's still normal. But it's so cheap if a girl is a flirt. Shame oh shame."

   WTH! i do believe if #nomention and some random teenagers know nothing about flirting things. And i bet everyone in this world, especially you, yes you who read this blog ever flirt someone, and it doesn't matter if you guy or girl. So does it make you cheap? definitely NOT. You should know if even "cheap" has it's own mean.

SLUT : One who engages in sexual activity with a large number of personas or someone who's sexually promiscuous. NOT a girl who wears shorts or has a lot of guy friends.

BITCH : People with an unpleasant attitude or someone who's thoroughly disliked. NOT a person who makes a point and stand for what she believes in.

   Bahkan yang lagi rame di indonesia sekarang adalah ngeflirt pake kalimat gini :
"bapak kamu tukang kembang ya?"
"kok tau?"
"iya, soalnya kamu udah bikin hati aku berbunga-bunga"

   Get my point not? that's a flirt yang bahkan ga peduli siapa yang ngucapin duluan dan bahkan ga ada yang ngejudge kalo yang ngeflirt duluan itu "murahan". Kalaupun ada yang ngejudge pasti bakal dibilang "awwh, kamu so sweet banget sih", ya kan?

   Seduction is persuading (play upon another's emotions and feelings) and convincing someone to have sex or engage in sexual acts with you.

FLIRT : A person who is indicating an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person or playful romantic and can involve verbal communication as well as body language. NOT a person who simply say hi or gives someone a small compliment or hangs out with her guy friends.

   People flirt for a variety of reasons. Flirting can indicate an interest in a deeper personal relationship with another person. Some people flirt simply for amusement, with no intention of developing any further relationship. This type of flirting sometimes faces disapproval from others, either because it can be misinterpreted as more serious, or it may be viewed as cheating if either person is already in a committed relationship with someone else.

   Contoh lain dari flirting itu misalnya :
eye contact, ngedip-ngedipin mata, giggling, teasing, flying kiss, casual touch (pegangan tangan, ngerangkul), smiling suggestively, sending notes, poems, or small gifts, singing a love song, bahkan emot yang dipake buat chatting.

   Satu hal yang peling sering terjadi itu kalau ada dua orang yang sama-sama saling suka tapi sama-sama ngarep di deketin duluan. Ngedeketin duluan itu emang normally tugas cowo, tapi liat deh sekarang ini populasi cewe semakin banyak dibandingin cowo yang artinya cewe itu lebih punya experience lebih dalam hal pacaran, flirting, dan nunjukin atau ngungkapin rasa suka dibanding cowo itu sendiri. Kalau ada cowo ganteng tapi ga pernah pacaran sebelumnya, malu-malu pula, apa iya kamunya diem dan nunggu buat di deketin terus?

Sometimes it's okay when a girl make the first move. 
Flirt with him enough to show your  interest, 
but tease him enough to make him chase you!!

   We all have own lives, but in this case being judge like this can be somewhat annoying because accusing someone a flirt won’t make you no good and will only make matters worst. What you can only do is change for the better. If you grew up with guys and trust only a few girls/trust guys more than you trust girls, then learn to adjust.

I can't wait to celebrate white day, March 14 please come faster

   Koko already asked me what i want for white day's gift, actually i want he picked the gift, wrap it, and surprise! but no he prefer play in safety zone.

   Not like it? who say? still happy because i know i will get my gift or (s), lol.

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