Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Have you make your sweets for tomorrow?

   I don't get why people are so stressed out about Valentines day. To be honest, it feels like Valentine’s day degrades love to just one day, a bouquet a flowers and a box of chocolate. If that's how people think what love is then maybe you’re better of single.

   And you're not ‘forever alone’, you're single, get that fact right. How can you be ‘forever alone’ when you’'re freaking sixteen? You have about 50-60 more years to live, (if you lead a normal healthy life that is).

   Honestly, i can't believe some of the girls just buy colorful chocolate with a heart shape and give it to their boyfriend. Oh lord, you fucking buy it! is that how to express your love? Nah how about now, feel guilty? don't worry you can try this freaking easy ‘crispy chocolate’, if you make it with love so don't ever worry about the taste. It's sweet like your love ^^

Let' my puppy show it to you what i make for this valentine's

Yes, that's my homemade crispy chocolate 
planned give it to koko but in the end we make it together, lol

That square one is for koko
the green one is for indah because she always bring me delicious drink from starbucks
and the yellow one is for koko's brother and friend ^^
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Ingredients :
- 150g Corn Flakes.
- Chocolate bar, you can use white chocolate, lemon, or even strawberry flavor.
- Cup cake dari kertas yang ukurannya paling kecil, trust me you need it, kenapa? supaya gampang nyusun ke toples dan gak bikin kotor banyak tempat ^^

Cara bikinnya gampang banget kok :
- Potong coklat jadi ukuran kecil-kecil dan di lelehin di api kecil ya, kalo kegedean bahaya cepet gosong. Apalagi kalau coklatnya berwarna, keliatan banget gosongnya.
- Setelah coklatnya cair, masukin cornflakes secukupnya. Diaduk sampe merata.
- Step selanjutnya tinggal masukin aja cornflakes yang udah mandi coklat ke dalam cup cake kertas yang udah disiapin. Kalo gak punya, ya udah lah apa boleh buat ditaroh di atas piring juga okay. Inget, one scoop ya!
- Buat finishing touchnya taburin sprinkles diatasnya.
- Tinggal diemin deh sekitar 30 menit, udah langsung mengeras dan bisa dimasukin ke dalam wadah yang udah disediain.

   See? valentine gak mesti bikin coklat heart shape kan?

4 Love Letters:

  1. thank you banget ya udah di share mbak nindy. pacar aku suka, enak katanya, hehehe...

    emang bener kata mbak nindy "if you make it with love so don't ever worry about the taste. It's sweet like your love" nice quote lah ini

  2. wah nindy suka bikin cookies ya? tar aku share juga deh di blog tentang bikin cookies yang enak, main-main ke blog aku ya nin

  3. salam kenal ya. btw, ini blog tentang masakah bukan ya? hihihi, becanda :D


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