Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Celebrate Sweet 17 Under The Night Stars

   It was perfect night, twinkly lights which were just a nice. Throw amazing party at our villa. Each little detail was thought out, and we are so appreciative of everyone who came out to celebrate. Here just a few fun pictures from that night!

Amel~ the birthday girl

Memey play a birthday song with her violin to started the party while me light the candles

"tiup lilinnya.... tiup lilinnya.... tiup lilinnya sekarang juga, sekarang juga, sekarang juga"

"bagi kuenya... bagi kuenya... bagi kuenya sekarang juga, sekarang juga, sekarang juga"
    WAIT!! where's the 3rd cake picture? *missing* lol. Well the third one is for her boyfriend. And why no cake for me T_T

    After that dad stand next to me and gave his cake for me. He said "here you go, take the cake". Awww... dad is always nice that's why mom fallen for him, lol.

    Even my aunt got special cake in the end of party. She was so emo and cry that night. Amel says "Thank you so much aunty, you make delicious foods for all this time. And because of your foods i grow taller than my sister"
Some pictures taken with Keetong, our cousin. She was amel's make up artist that day, lol.

I also take some pictures with dad and mom, hehe. 
Wish koko were here, so we can take pictures together T_T

   Girl friends!! I told them koko can not come so yeah im kinda forever alone in the party. And tadaa here they are come to the party without husband/boyfriends. *huuuugs*. Since high school they always been there when i need them most. Lol, look at this picture im doing stupid expression. Again

   By the way, Lia (leopard shirt) already has 4 months baby boy. Awww i do really wanna meet him. Deasy (the tallest one) in a few months she will marry someone, if i can say this guy is so different type with her other exes. And here Estie and I who waited for our boyfriend to ask marry them. When koko? When??!!

   Here the rest of the moment that captured by camera...

 Dad sang "Adinda" to his beloved wife. 
When he passed the highest notes of the song everyone give applause to my dad.
It was remind me of koko who always called me dinda ^^

The birthday girl duet with her daddy, forgot what song it is
Feat. Keetong, maybe it was one of Vierra's

She was like her dad, love to sing

Notice that thumbs? Yes, they sang Ayu Ting Ting's song.

Gives the cakes because they succeed makes the party live again
And also, meet the birthday girl's boyfriend ^^
Damn! i told you, wish koko were here. So i can take nice pictures too

Oh wait, don't forget the violin girl also want take a picture with mom

I dont know what's happen to her but she was looks bored in the party 
need a boy friend maybe, LOL XD

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