Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

It's all because i love beef yakiniku, how dare you give me wrong foods!

   Okay seriously guys wtf was my day. I went to BEC with koko bought birthday present for my mom. We entered all the stores, my wedges what so uncooperative it was hurt my heels, i was tired and hungry. Oh please i deserve delicious food.

   So we've decide to have a lunch at hokben, oh yeah i do love this place. They serve best beef yakiniku, and the udon is so... hmmm... just talkin about it make my tummy grawl, lol XD. When it was time to pay the bill we was shock because it was not beef yakiniku but chicken teriyaki!! for me it's a big deal.old 

   Seriously if only i lived at USA, i will walked away and will not give them a single penny! but since it was er different country let's say i want they take a responsible of my foods. FYI i didn't act like what so oh bimbo or something. I just hate when the waiter didn't told me if they only have chicken teriyaki and we can wait for around 12 minutes so they can serve yakiniku for me. Sigh! Problem solve when they were sorry and ask me to wait a little bit. And i think they only serve it for me and koko, muahahaha.... *ofcourse i did  it right*

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