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2011, what a year it has been?

   Along with having an amazing year in general, i've pinpointed 3 of my best and worse from 2011.
Best Day #1
   This year has been a year of relationship related changes for me, koko shows his love more and more each day which is my good boy is grown up now, lol. He was looks so serious when he introduced me to his parents. I love his effort.

Best Day #2
   Celebrated our first loversary on valentine's day. Wear a nice dress and eat all the foods! nyahahaha.

Best Day #3
   Claimed my gifts and also got interviewed as the winner of kidevo. It was hard to claim it, i don't know maybe because the prize is netbook so the company make it so hard.

Worst Day #1
   I don't know i have spent good quality time with my family or not. Since everytime im home my sisters always says "oh my gosh, i just realize i have another sister". Actually i was sad and almost cry when they act like that but koko kindly told to me if they just trolled me. Ugh, that's right when i try being a nice big sista, celebrate and attend her concert, be their umbrella girl, and they bully me like that. I don't wanna live in this planet anymore! but wait... my daddy always on my side, okay back to earth.

oh my god, trolling sisters

Worst Day #2 
   And my whole life got so fucked when a random cat got trapped in my neighbor's room and it doesn't come out after almost 10 days and the result is the cat flea has bitten me and leave a lot of dark spot on my arms, thigh, and ankle. You see this chio hot pants? i cant wear it anymore because of i have that shame spot on my skin.
Worst Day #3
   Sadly im gonna say my top 3rd worst day is my birthday plan, i've been plan it like for whole week and booom only need one sec to ruin it. It was okay when we celebrate it on the next day after, but it was not same anymore.
   Well, another year has gone so fast and only memories are left behind. Im not sure what im more thankful for, but certain that whatever happened on 2011 is part of the past and i will take with me and those that i learned from the bad ones and make the upcoming year a better one. If some of you happen to backread or check out my archives, my blog is a witness of the roller coaster ride i've been on this year. I've been up, pulled down and now i could say im on the right direction. I sense 2012 will be a better year and i have this feeling that better things will come along.

   Nobody knows your limit better than you do, but every once in a while somebody will question all you know and they will push you for the better.

   How was your year?

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  1. You had an amazing year indeed, semoga tahun yg akan datang ga kalah seru ya, hehehe

    Happy new year!

    PS : Punya gua, ada di blog ;p


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