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My thought about "VOTE KOMODO"

   Komodo's case finally made my hands itch to write. This case would begin with Komodo Island as one of the nominees for The New 7 Wonders in December 2009, but than they filed a charge of 35 million dollars for the license fee to a party by reason of the announcement of winners. Indonesia requested approval to host until January 2011. If no agreement, the status of Indonesia as the finalists will be suspended.

   Because Kemunbudpar doesn't cooperate, Komodo kicked from the official supporting committee. But then N7W said Komodo will not be kicked IF another party wants to be their an official supporting committee. Finally, an environmental activist said she will become the OSC. They took the initiative to be voting not only via the Internet but also via SMS. Money from the results of this SMS will be returned to the operator as a token of gratitude from the community. Response from the community is very large, especially the program is supported by state authorities.

   From the very start i didn't send any SMS to support the Komodo. Com'on even our minister refused to support Indonesia to host this program. In addition, i don't understand correctly where the mechanism of this election. Now, after i read the case again and again, i advise you to not send SMS. Don't worry i have the reasons.

1. The lack of transparency calculation and presenting organizations is not credible. In my eyes, N7W is an international event organizers WHO works associated with the selection of the wonders of the world (even i can not see the subject's urgent). Besides not transparent, the organization has not backed up behind a credible institution. You know, if this organization credible, why it's not part of UNESCO and why N7W not so oh popular in Swiss?

2. Indonesia does not have sufficient funds to host, unless there are investors willing to invest. Kemenbudpar have been trying to find private parties who want to invest but no one want. And i'm not sure that there are investors who want to. Even if there are funds for it, it's better used for conservation of the komodo dragons and other rare animals.

3. Do you guys know if our Rinca Island also one of N7W participant? oh i hope you know. Because i feel so weird about this vote. Why they force us to vote for Komodo? I think "vote" mean you can choose one from many participants. At least they should provide us to vote for Rinca.

4. If my analysis of the pros and cons when Indonesia won the contest and became the host, fortunately was awarded Indonesia as a country that has one of the natural wonders of the world by institutions that are not credible. Though Komodo had already been recognized by UNESCO in 1986. It is possible that this event could increase the number of non-domestic tourists coming to Indonesia. Well, what's cons for Indonesia? First, Indonesia should pay a large sum of money, but money can be used to finance other programs are better targeted. Second, the Komodo is a natural wonder that in my opinion, a growing number of tourists who come to their habitat is increasingly threatened the conservation of dragons.

   Nah, why we should pay a large sum of money to make people recognized Komodo is awesome island with awesome habitat of dragons? toh UNESCO udah ngakuin kan? dan semua orang di dunia juga tau itu, duh mereka nonton discovery channel sama animal planet kali. If you guys want tourists visit Komodo, why dont you people (include government) start to make Komodo Island look more awesome. Like build a resort with international standart, hospital building, make people easier go to that place, ask that dummy people to NOT damage public goods and stop act "kampoong". You know its about how to make tourist feel so comfy.

   Now i ask you my Indonesian readers, as a domestic tourist have you ever go to Komodo Island? What do you think about this place? I believe you will agree with my thought.... please be smart people jangan jadi orang yang nasionalismenya buta dan kampungan ~ at least that what my american friend think about us. Sad

Any comments?

2 Love Letters:

  1. i definetely agree with your analysis chan..
    blind nationalism make people dont use their clear logic...in many cases of course, not only on komodo case..

  2. I'm so proud to be indonesian :D


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