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Game Review : Grand Fantasia

   Grand Fantasia is a fairly new 3D fantasy MMORPG that i played and quite addicted of it. This game is about restoring the balance of nature which was destroy and now threatened by the forces of darkness. The land of Saphael, which was once peaceful, was now being ravaged by war. The humans had turned their back on the old ways and now split into different factions.

   I don't remember i ever felt like a noob when play this game. It's so different with other game, let's say Eden Eternal, Luna Plus, Lucent Heart, and such. Those game just make me such a hell noob for 20 minutes just to figure out how to play. 

   Im tired when everyone said "oh you play GFO". Oh please for god's sake, once again i will tell you i play grand fantasia not GFO. GFO is grand fantasia online, its local server, Indonesia. But koko and i play in Quill server, international.  

This is my character : Dinda ~ Paladin Lv. 61

   The reason im using this name because Koko always called me Dinda, that's sounds lovely by the way. I like it. Oh did you want more screen shots of my characters?

 I love this costume, look so sexy

This is my current look. Angelic Princess or something, cute. Match with Koko's character which look so Prince Charming.

Dinda saying hi to you

White Ice Fantasy Unicorn Mount
wah... feel so glad we met and be friend with someone rich in this game, lol

This is Koko's character : Konidin ~ Assassin Lv. 61

   The reason he choose this name is not because it's a drug, but it's combination of our name. Koko and Dinda. Lame but cute, lol XD. It's awesome when Koko and I are lover both in real life and game. Together, we are good partner except in dungeons. I just don't know why everytime i enter dungeons i always got so mad and emo. Oh i know, it's because im a tank, so everyone include him forced me to be in front line. And ever hear woman can't read a map? it's happen to me dude. That's why dungeons makes me so crazy!

Lover buff thing XD, that's sweet

My rates for this game : 
Characters :
This game has a good set of facial features to keep your chara look amazing, maybe you will say it's just same like other game. But sorry, i've try many games and still Grand Fantasia is the best. The important things is this game is auto stat characters development.

Pet :
The concept is unique, we called it sprite which like tamagochi with rewards. It can craft you usefull goods, accompany you when fighting, gather materials that you can sell. But, they are sometimes quite moody which it cost you some gold to buy sodas. And oh gold again to training and gathering things. And gold again to buy their clothes so they can become powerful like you.

Graphic and Interface :
Awesome!!! enough said. The graphic, armor set, skills with lightning effect. Awesome... and oh can i add one more thing? kaslow city is so beautiful and i love both background music in every city and fighting music.

Features :
Both PVP and PVE lovers gonna love this game, because have many battlegrounds, like 15 vs 15 death match, unique guild war, there are also dungeons that allow you to solo or party. Dungeons give you good money too if you have good team or so damn powerful to doing solo.

Level Up : 
You can easy to level up if you know how to do it right. You can try 2x drop and 2x exp every week, using charm and guardian poins, special dungeons, and many more.

Gold :
Uh, finally we come up with this issue. All i can say is this game basically hard to earn gold. Even people should make another chara to earn gold but once again you can solo dungeon just if you powerful enough. When you are high level, more hard to earn gold and your sprite leech your gold to make things. Sucks. You want buy many things but always not enough gold.

Overall :  
Really love the characters, jobs, items, graphic and interface, lover, rewards, and cute game. But not with the gold. Why they so make things more harder!!! and oh i think you need some lucky in this game. Glad if you are AP spender because everything got more easier include to fortification your armor and weapon. But if you are not AP spender, you will not more and more gold than before. Why? because you will always failed to fortification and make other things. Of course you can buy that item mall things with your gold but they are very expensive. Sigh.... gold is the biggest issue in this game.

   This game is really highly recommended to play, and oh if you guys play this game please share your ID or just whisper to me :) ~ HAPPY GAMING ~

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