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Game Review : Dragon Nest

   This right here is the joke of the century, honestly. This game has cutscenes, and this is one of the comic reliefs of the game. They think they're so strong, but just because they lost to me these orcs claim that they only used 1% of their strength. Ever since that day they did 10situps and 10 pushups everyday hahaha. so cute. These are the monsters you fight lah. This kind. -.-'

   ADVENTURER DAVID is probably the most ANNOYING npc EVER!! Again, he thinks he’s soooooo great, one hit kill and whatnot.

   Finally after much waiting and levelling, SAINT HAVEN! It’s so huge compared to Calderock, such a fuss walking here and there -.- The vessel used to fly there was a freaking DRAGON AIRSHIP OMG. So pretty. See see!!

   The next chapter would be upon the arrival of the next patch that unlocks the next level cap. For now i'd be stuck at the max level…[40]… and.. would have nothing to do. 

And oh, i've got a bouns picture for you :) lol

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