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Annoying things about life #1: When people borrow your stuff and don't return it. Or when they do, it’s broken beyond repair :|

   It's 3.59 am and can't sleep.

   I have my period right now, which is make me feel super sensitive than before. Maybe i just too much about this, so you can ignore it and come back again to check my new posts but if you choose to read it, im so happy with your decision XD

   Nah yesterday when koko and i was lunch and watched k-on, suddenly i realize something. In anime when their classmate didn't go to school, let's say sick or something. A group of their classmate will come to their home and bring the homework. What's so nice person.

   I remember when i was a kid, my dad taught me to call my friend who didnt go to school and let she/he know if we have homework or something. I did it, always. But when i was sick, no one call me >.<

   It also happen when people borrowed something from me, most of them never come back. Money, books, watches, tee, skirts, and so on. If i borrow something from someone and i said i will return it tomorrow it's mean real tomorrow. But not with that people who borrowed something from me. I also remember i feel grumpy and told my mom if i will never let people borrow something from me. But mom said "that's so cruel. If you continue like that, you are just same like Dagobert Duck".  

   Or the other [real] case like this, one day it was raining and i only bring 1 umbrella. I was so tired and miss my blanket so much, but i met one of my friend who really look more tired than me. With my stupidness, i gave my umbrella and waiting till rain stop falling down. My friend promise to return it to me. Yeah, that's good. Finally someone know what is "borrowing" mean. But after couple days, dang! the other person using my umbrella. WTH!!! I ask my friend why not return it to me instead, at least ask me first .

    Still something about rain... and a book actually. One day one of my friend, Andre gave me a books. Lol, i forgot maybe 3 or 4 XD, remember ayat-ayat cinta? yes, he gave me that book. Actually i never read that book because when a group of my girl friends come to my room, they begging me to borrow that book for a week. I told them to return it to me, but you can guess what happen right? Lol, actually after 5 or 6 months finally they return it to me, happy of course. Because that day both ayat-ayat cinta's movie and novel no booming! Before they hand over it to my hands they ask me to not angry to them, huh so fishy here... yes, you right that book so i dont know how to describe it, look so ugly. Did you know what book's look like when it was wet so badly and you try to dry it under the sun? ugly! :(

   Simple case, like one day i decided to lend my pen to a guy who sat next to me. But when he return it my pen look so miserable. Dude, i said you could borrowed my pen, not eat it! yucks.... throw it!

   Really, i dont wanna be selfish because of this things. I always return something i borrowed, but not with people around me. And oh one more thing. Why people who borrowed my things when i ask to return it they mad to me? what's wrong with you guys? ~ am i too nice

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