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Busy On Eid Celebration

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H 
الحمد لله yaa #finallyifoundyou #lebaran

   I noticed zero sent me a message telling me for share my Eid experience, sigh internet was down when i needed it the most. Since i've tried to keep it short, please enjoy and happy reading...

Eid Mubarak Day 1 - Trip to Balikpapan, East Borneo - Indonesia
   Was pain in the ass from beginning to the very end. Never like trip from Samarinda-Balikpapan, because it has snaky way, i was so dizzy and it's feel like there's something in my stomach that force to come out. yuck!

   This my youngest sister, memey. From her face we can tell she hates the trip too, not only the snaky way but also the weather. Balikpapan's weather is so weird, if you ever go to someplace which is really hot, so Balikpapan is 10x or 20x more hotter. Even rain fallen from the sky, you still can feel it's hot!

   This is amel. Mom prepare foods for us, so we can eat while in the car. Let say nasi lemak with daging masak merah, bakso, fruits, and drinks. But in the end i think she not prepare it for us but for amel, because she eat all of this foods. So jealousy why she eat a lot but stay skinny!!!

    If you ask what am i doing, the answer only one. I was sleeping. LOL. I know it's so lame but i can't help it.
- - -

   It's sad when everyone enjoying quality time with family but this kid still try earn some money for his family. Why life is so damn hard! (˘o˘ƪ)

Eid Mubarak Day 2 - Open House
Menu of the day, soto banjar -  bakso - nasi lemak - martabak

Say hello to the cookies and angpao

    Excited and tired. That's what i feel on that day. I was excited met my big family, gave angpao, enjoy yummy foods, and so on. but im so damn tired with cleaning, answering why koko didn't come and when i graduate, huh! that's sounds not a question at all.

Eid Mubarak Day 3 - Guest Guest Guest!
    That day we have many guests. Not happy at all because im tired with cooked pempek, cleaned the house, and laundry. I have 2 sisters and no one want help me!!! After all the guests leave, at least for that moment we enjoy family camwhoring.

Eid Mubarak Day 4 - [still] Guest Guest Guest!
   Camwhoring with mom's coworkers

   Daddy was planed to swim since early morning, but again we have so many guests. We waited patiently till our last guest leave. And tadaa.... Jessica Park here we go!!
   Please don't say i look bad in this picture, it's all because amel. She always taken close up which i hate it, and when i ask to capture the background it's turn bad. sigh! what so unfair when i take her picture it's come so nice.

    Okay i know, i should at least share one picture we swim at Jessica Park but im afraid koko mad at me if i publish me in a swim suit.

   Eid ended. Im leaving in few hours, i don't really feel like leaving my family but i don't feel like i belong here, eh. I should just sleep it off for now, time will pass and it would be less painful.

4 Love Letters:

  1. sodaranya kak nindy kayak widy vierra :O
    itu blogger juga kak?

  2. kamu kayanya orang ke sejuta yang bilang gitu deh cho. iya dia blogger juga, kapan-kapan mampir deh ke blognya amel: http://www.amelelelel.blogspot.com

  3. Gua baru mau comment kalo sodara lu mirip Widi Vierra, haha

    Seru juga libur Lebarannya, baca juga cerita liburan gua di blog, hehe


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