Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Who's To Blame If I Started Love To Act Like This

   This happens almost everytime i don't have money left. Whenever i want a new arrivals, want matching top to toe items, something with better quality, or even something expensive. 
Me     : Ko, look that things. That's awesome right?
Koko  : Sure.
Me     : I want that things leh *check pocket* and found nothing.
Koko  : What's wrong, baby?
Me     : Err, i don't have a single penny. What should i do? i really want that things leh.
Koko  : Okay, just tell me the number.
Me     : No leh... *blushing*
Koko  : Want or not? how much do you want, baby?
Me     : As much as you want, ko *wink wink*
Koko  : Alright, is 10.000.000 enough?
Me     : Sure. Love you koko ( ˘зε˘)

   Cheated the game done and repeat everytime playing new game. LOL. I believe this will happen in real life around 3 or 4 years from now.

1 Love Letters:

  1. hehehe amin. mata cewek akan selalu lapar akan barang yang dibilang "Lucu" :D


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