Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

A trapped cat give me a lesson, today...

    I don't own this lovely picture, i took it because i can see a sadness from her pretty eyes. It's remembered me about a trapped cat in my junior's room. One day this kitty run on the ceiling and crack! fallen down.

   The kitty trapped in that room more than 6 days, without water and food. It's try to escape from that room, scratching the door. But no hope. We don't know how to help this cat because the owner of that room currently have a vacation. I've try to ask people for help, but it's seems they didn't care at all. Recently bandung got 17-20 C and that kitty sneezing whole day. Koko have try pouring a water and give it 'bala-bala', just for helping this kitty alive. Well if you asking why should bala-bala, because in that day he bought too much for me and i don't mind to share it with this poor kitty.

   Now i feel bad because last night i've eat my sahoor only for 20 mouthful and now im bothering koko with my starvingness. 

6 Love Letters:

  1. And how's the kitty now???
    OMG...can't we do something to help her?

  2. nice picture, but she looks really sad

  3. waw.. nice pic i like it..


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