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e.l.f Hypershine Lipgloss Review

   This week @dhutama sent me a lip gloss. E.L.F. Hypershine Gloss is a hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smoothes lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. This one is lip spectacular from e.l.f. makeup & cosmetics for lips. It has everything you could ever need for everyday designer beauty. Change your look from natural pink to dramatic color, or make your own color combination to suit your perfect look!

   This lip gloss is sheer and easy to wear. You can use it alone or over any lip products you have. It claim instantly beautiful, healthy looking lips designed. The shimmer in it is quite tolerable it gives a nice goldy shine to my lips Which is when i apply on my lips it's turn like this.

   Do you see the different? Okay my bad, im using camera phone so it's turn horrible quality. Please click the image so you can find the different ,(‾▿‾),

   In these pictures im using e.l.f Hypershine Lipgloss 9011 Fairy, it's a delicate pink with a light hint of peach. Something i immediately notice is the smell like mint, grape or strawberry cough syrup for kids, some people say it's smell like vanilla, but e.l.f describe it like cotton candy. It taste good and sweet. This work just like Stila Lip Glazes- twist until gloss appears in the brush and then brush on. It says twist 7-10 times before first application but i did many time to twist twist twist twist twist and twist it, what can you expect for $1?.

My rate for this product :
Packaging :  
I should love it but the twist activate really annoyed me.

Price :
I know i get it free, but people sell it around $1 or £1.50 still cheep for good lip gloss right. But cost you SGD 3.50 each in SG fiuwh just isn't worth the mark up price (‾_‾")

Texture :
Little bit sticky but not runny.

5 Love Letters:

  1. the pigmentation is quite sheer, I think it would turn out nice to be applied over lip concealer. XD

  2. Kalo gua pake lipgloss ini, bisa jadi cantik ga? Hehehehe

  3. Elf products are good and wont hurt your purse. Yeah, apply it over lip concealer. It looks good on you though. XO!

  4. auh peralatan cewe emang magic ya!

  5. nice post! :)



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