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Boo... hungry? Play this game and you will forget how starving you are now

   Couple weeks ago koko pick random android RPG game for me. We never knew if this game totally gonna be awesome! yes, if you read my twitter timeline you will know what game i talking about. Please follow my twitter so i can spamming your timeline, hehe...

   We play all Zenonia series, start from Zenonia, Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories, and Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story. This game available for iPhone and android user, free of course if you don't have these phone don't worry because koko said there's Zenonia series for PC.

   In Zenonia *the first series* you should choose to be good or bad person. So i pick the good one and koko play as the bad guy. And for Zenonia 2 actually i pick Lu because he's super cute but since Level 19 i give up and start over again and choose Morpize as my character and koko play as Daza. Sometimes i fell so jealous because Daza can explode inner energy instantaneously for a powerful effect, huff. And the last series i prefer play as Mechanic Launcher *his speed and movement are crazy* while koko play as Sword Knight.

Go watch this video review for Zenonia 2

   The developers sure have a great sense of humor, every game has improved drastically and i really enjoy in each story.

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  1. Waaaaa...keliatannya seru, sayang gua ga punya Android >_<

  2. yes i am not android user, just BB only hehe

    salam anindy


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