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Aahh too bad, the independence day this year falls on fasting month, we can't held the signature contests 'makan krupuk'

“Beri aku sepuluh pemuda, maka akan kuguncangkan dunia” - Ir. Soekarno

   Coba kutanya, ada berapa jumlah pemuda di sini? 10? 100? 1000? LEBIH! Kalau Soekarno meminta 10, nyatanya kita punya pemuda lebih berlipat ganda, seharusnya dunia ini dapat berguncang sungguh hebat. 

   66 years ago, 17th August 1945, the founding fathers of Indonesia, Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta read the proclamation of the independence! Even after that day, our people still struggle for a few years against Netherlands that want to claim our country again. Our people struggle against many political, economic, cultural problems. Many people are still sufferings and many places are still not that modernized. Our education system doesn't reach all kids in Indonesia. Poverty is still everywhere. Welfare of most people are still below average. Even, Indonesia still struggle against the corruptions. Although there are many faults and there are problems everywhere, i hope this year, Indonesia could be a better country and a better nation.

With all your damn troubles…still my damn home

   Im not really a patriotic person, but i always in love and boast on Indonesian food! It's just so diverse, rich in spices and just tastes too damn good to miss! Since today is the 66th independence day, a little patriotism wont hurt ( ˘ з˘)~♡
   Indonesia's flag is simply red & white, but it won't hurt to give a little bling. So there goes the gold. Wayang Kulit is some sort of a puppet show where they make the super thin puppet with leather (i think) and it's just so iconic in Indonesian culture. 


2 Love Letters:

  1. Sedih ya tiap kali mikirin negara kita, hahaha...

  2. haha..
    lucu pancagila-nya.. :D
    but,, at least kan kita udah jadi bangsa merdeka. Walaupun PR kita masih banyak.


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