Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

When Your Parents Ask You To Smile For A Family Pictures

   I don't know how most familys get their picture taken but this how my family gets our picture taken…

Behind The Scene Family Potrait ~ When Make Up Room Turn To Mini Masquerade Party

   Not much to say, my sister just explore this room and found this treasure and yes taken pictures whole day. And the next post im gonna show you how our family pictures look likes, stay tune....

It's been quite a while, but i guess i can come back now

   It's been 8 days since i touched down Balikpapan-Samarinda, how do i look? please say im more skinnier :). Mom gave me a new room, lol actually we exchange room. Im gonna post how it's look like.

A trapped cat give me a lesson, today...

    I don't own this lovely picture, i took it because i can see a sadness from her pretty eyes. It's remembered me about a trapped cat in my junior's room. One day this kitty run on the ceiling and crack! fallen down.

   The kitty trapped in that room more than 6 days, without water and food. It's try to escape from that room, scratching the door. But no hope. We don't know how to help this cat because the owner of that room currently have a vacation. I've try to ask people for help, but it's seems they didn't care at all. Recently bandung got 17-20 C and that kitty sneezing whole day. Koko have try pouring a water and give it 'bala-bala', just for helping this kitty alive. Well if you asking why should bala-bala, because in that day he bought too much for me and i don't mind to share it with this poor kitty.

   Now i feel bad because last night i've eat my sahoor only for 20 mouthful and now im bothering koko with my starvingness. 

Who's To Blame If I Started Love To Act Like This

   This happens almost everytime i don't have money left. Whenever i want a new arrivals, want matching top to toe items, something with better quality, or even something expensive. 
Me     : Ko, look that things. That's awesome right?
Koko  : Sure.
Me     : I want that things leh *check pocket* and found nothing.
Koko  : What's wrong, baby?
Me     : Err, i don't have a single penny. What should i do? i really want that things leh.
Koko  : Okay, just tell me the number.
Me     : No leh... *blushing*
Koko  : Want or not? how much do you want, baby?
Me     : As much as you want, ko *wink wink*
Koko  : Alright, is 10.000.000 enough?
Me     : Sure. Love you koko ( ˘зε˘)

   Cheated the game done and repeat everytime playing new game. LOL. I believe this will happen in real life around 3 or 4 years from now.

Aahh too bad, the independence day this year falls on fasting month, we can't held the signature contests 'makan krupuk'

“Beri aku sepuluh pemuda, maka akan kuguncangkan dunia” - Ir. Soekarno

   Coba kutanya, ada berapa jumlah pemuda di sini? 10? 100? 1000? LEBIH! Kalau Soekarno meminta 10, nyatanya kita punya pemuda lebih berlipat ganda, seharusnya dunia ini dapat berguncang sungguh hebat. 

   66 years ago, 17th August 1945, the founding fathers of Indonesia, Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta read the proclamation of the independence! Even after that day, our people still struggle for a few years against Netherlands that want to claim our country again. Our people struggle against many political, economic, cultural problems. Many people are still sufferings and many places are still not that modernized. Our education system doesn't reach all kids in Indonesia. Poverty is still everywhere. Welfare of most people are still below average. Even, Indonesia still struggle against the corruptions. Although there are many faults and there are problems everywhere, i hope this year, Indonesia could be a better country and a better nation.

With all your damn troubles…still my damn home

   Im not really a patriotic person, but i always in love and boast on Indonesian food! It's just so diverse, rich in spices and just tastes too damn good to miss! Since today is the 66th independence day, a little patriotism wont hurt ( ˘ з˘)~♡
   Indonesia's flag is simply red & white, but it won't hurt to give a little bling. So there goes the gold. Wayang Kulit is some sort of a puppet show where they make the super thin puppet with leather (i think) and it's just so iconic in Indonesian culture. 


e.l.f Hypershine Lipgloss Review

   This week @dhutama sent me a lip gloss. E.L.F. Hypershine Gloss is a hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smoothes lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. This one is lip spectacular from e.l.f. makeup & cosmetics for lips. It has everything you could ever need for everyday designer beauty. Change your look from natural pink to dramatic color, or make your own color combination to suit your perfect look!

   This lip gloss is sheer and easy to wear. You can use it alone or over any lip products you have. It claim instantly beautiful, healthy looking lips designed. The shimmer in it is quite tolerable it gives a nice goldy shine to my lips Which is when i apply on my lips it's turn like this.

   Do you see the different? Okay my bad, im using camera phone so it's turn horrible quality. Please click the image so you can find the different ,(‾▿‾),

   In these pictures im using e.l.f Hypershine Lipgloss 9011 Fairy, it's a delicate pink with a light hint of peach. Something i immediately notice is the smell like mint, grape or strawberry cough syrup for kids, some people say it's smell like vanilla, but e.l.f describe it like cotton candy. It taste good and sweet. This work just like Stila Lip Glazes- twist until gloss appears in the brush and then brush on. It says twist 7-10 times before first application but i did many time to twist twist twist twist twist and twist it, what can you expect for $1?.

My rate for this product :
Packaging :  
I should love it but the twist activate really annoyed me.

Price :
I know i get it free, but people sell it around $1 or £1.50 still cheep for good lip gloss right. But cost you SGD 3.50 each in SG fiuwh just isn't worth the mark up price (‾_‾")

Texture :
Little bit sticky but not runny.

Question Of The Day

Koko : Berapa banyak game yang udah kamu mainin sayang?
Me    : Banyak lah ko
Koko : Kalau gitu berapa banyak game yang udah kamu tamatin?
Me    : . . .

Pond's White Beauty Naturals With Camellia Leaf Extract Review

   Couple days ago i got Pond's White Beauty Naturals packet from Stella Lee. She's so kindly give me this beauty packet (ˆ​​​​-ƪˆ‎​​​​). This is actually a goodie bag with Pond's white beauty naturals with Camellia leaf extract series. So this whole packet contain 8 items, they are:
♡ Natural Eco Friendly Bag *that big one*
♡ Ponds White Beauty Naturals Gentle Exfoliating Foam 100gr
♡ Ponds White Beauty Naturals Day Cream 50gr
♡ Ponds White Beauty Naturals Night Cream 50gr
♡ Travel Kit Make Up Case
♡ Travel Make Up Pouch
♡ Cosmetic Pouch
♡ Ponds Camellia Leaf USB

The wonder of the Camellia leaf is
precious extract contains powerful natural antioxidant!

   Have you tried this Pond’s variant lately? This Camellia leaf extract variant was said to be sourced 100% natural, the label highlighted the foothills of Himalayas as the origin of these Camellia leaves as the main ingredient known to be a potent natural anti-oxidant and fight the causes of skin darkening.
Facial foam :
Containing extraordinary Camellia leaf extract, this foaming cleanser deeply cleanses the skin to wash away dirts, oil and impurities that cause dullness, and gentle exfoliates your skin to reveal your bright, sparkling clean skin underneath. This is the first step for a fair beauty that lasts. The micro scrub to gently exfoliate your skin. When i opened it and tried it on my hand, i can see the tiny green beads. The facial foam is just good to me, a pea-size can produce rich lather already, it's not too perfumy. I mean just mild scented, perfect consistency which is good for scent sensitive users.
Rate : ♥♥♥

Day cream
It's give you multiply range UV protection, so fresh and save for my sensitive skin. I love this cream because it's rapidly absorbed in my skin face, so light and not oily too much and have mild nature fresh scent. What better way to start your day with a naturally white skin.
Rate : ♥♥♥

- Day Massage -
1. Clear your skin with Pond's white beauty naturals gentle exfoliating foam. And be careful not to rub your face too harsh.
2. Place your fingers on your forehead and massage in circular motion slowly then drag it outward while pressing eyebrow and under eye.
3. Do the massage for about 2-3 minutes to get rid of sleepiness and rest yourself.
4. Use Pond's white beauty naturals day cream before you start your activity.

Night cream
After a long sunny day and exposed in the sun, it's time to pamper your skin with extra treatment. Because with extra nourishing and specially with extraordinary Camellia leaf extract, this rejuvenating night cream helps repair daily skin damage, lighters skin and help reduce dark spot while you sleep and make your skin look naturally white in the next day! Yes all the products dermatologist tested. 
Rate : ♥♥♥

- Night Massage -
1. Clear your skin with Pond's white beauty naturals gentle exfoliating foam. And be careful not to rub your face too harsh.
2. Do light massage from your eyes outer corner and do the circular motion inward until the two fingers meet.
3. Place your fingers on the middle, on top, and below your lips. Press it gently and bring it up.
4. Pull your face to forehead and do the circular motion upside down, repeat 3 times.
5. Place your fingers beside your nose bridge. Pull and press it slowly to the eyes outer corner.
6. Place your fingers on your eyes area (index finger on top of your eyebrow, index finger on the middle of your eyebrow, and ring finger around your eyebag). Pull it 3 times outward.
7. Do light massage from your eyes outer corner and do the circular motion inward until the two fingers meet
8. Place your fingers on the middle, on top, and below your lips. Press it gently and bring it up.

   Well all i can say is i love Pond's products that's why started from Junior High til now im still using their products. This series really awesome because it can help you have natural white skin from nature extract. Unfortunately this series doesn't have a toner, which is mean make my daily make up routine incomplete.

   You can have daily tips from Pond's Institute Ind by following their twitter account @myponds or you can visit www.pondsinstitute.com for beauty information from skin experts.

#code: WHEN!? I Just Went Up To Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Yesterday

   Get irritated because people in internet bombed me with Marina Bay Sands SkyPark things. Okay okay, wait till my next trip to SG i will kicking it right there!

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back: I used to care so much about the big things. The big things that came...

   The thing about life is you never really know where it’s going to take you next. You sit there pretty much helpless and you have to learn to laugh and cry and smile again even when things don’t go your way. The thing about life is no matter how in-charge you want to be, no matter how important people can make you feel, no matter how smart, successful, beautiful and attractive you are, you really end up in bed at night falling asleep clueless as to what will happen the next day. You may wake up to find your boyfriend kneeling beside you with an engagement ring, you may wake up to find a loved one has passed away, you may wake up to find that you forgot to turn on your alarm clock the night before. Most of the time you will be clueless, most of the time you will be like a paperboat riding the craziest, highest tides. Most of the time you will be like a fragile feather fighting back the deadliest tornadoes. Most of the time you will be clueless.

   The thing about life is you have to figure it out trial-and-error style. No one has ever claimed to credibly know the secret to living life because life happens to everyone differently. I may be happy today and you may be sad. I may be sad tomorrow but you may be happy. Feelings are relative. Emotions are relative. To what, i am still trying to figure out. I tend to laugh when people come up to me and tell me “I've found the purpose of my life.” or when they tell me that “my future is set out and i'm bound for success one hundred percent.” Because these people don't know that there is a 50-50% probability that when they cross the road to get a tall Starbucks latte, some speeding car might wham into them point-blank. Where's the success in that? or the “I've found the purpose of my life” in that? You need to understand that it's the moments that matter, not the days.

   The thing about life is i really will never be able to stand in front of a podium in an auditorium with a 1000 spectators and say confidently “I've figured this thing out.” But i know now that the people who have happened to cross my path - though they may have quickly come and gone - the memories that i have created with these people, the friends i have discovered to be true and fake, the complications i have managed to untangle, the failures i have worked harder for and have still failed in - all these conjure up the very essence of what i am today. That's the thing about life - the joys matter, but so do the mistakes and failures. Everything shapes you. Even the most insignificant little thing makes up at least a fibre of your very being. The thing about life is i still wake up not knowing what's going to happen.

   When people ask me “So have you got your future mapped out?” My favorite thing is to smile in response. The thing about life is that you have to learn to smile. :)

Boo... hungry? Play this game and you will forget how starving you are now

   Couple weeks ago koko pick random android RPG game for me. We never knew if this game totally gonna be awesome! yes, if you read my twitter timeline you will know what game i talking about. Please follow my twitter so i can spamming your timeline, hehe...

   We play all Zenonia series, start from Zenonia, Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories, and Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story. This game available for iPhone and android user, free of course if you don't have these phone don't worry because koko said there's Zenonia series for PC.

   In Zenonia *the first series* you should choose to be good or bad person. So i pick the good one and koko play as the bad guy. And for Zenonia 2 actually i pick Lu because he's super cute but since Level 19 i give up and start over again and choose Morpize as my character and koko play as Daza. Sometimes i fell so jealous because Daza can explode inner energy instantaneously for a powerful effect, huff. And the last series i prefer play as Mechanic Launcher *his speed and movement are crazy* while koko play as Sword Knight.

Go watch this video review for Zenonia 2

   The developers sure have a great sense of humor, every game has improved drastically and i really enjoy in each story.


   Earn high reward with the Ramadhan high way code. No eating or drinking whilst fasting, lower your gaze, avoid anything that diminishes the fast such as, lying, backbiting, cheating, getting angry, arguing or fighting, avoid sins and no swearing. No smoking try quiting for good. Dont waste time on useless activities.

   Pray all your 5 daily salaah's on time, study and learn Islamic knowledge. Recite and learn the holy Qur'aan, do lots of dhikr, make lots of duha, do tarawih, and give sadaqah and be good to people.

   Ramadan Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world, may this beautiful and holy month strengthen our imaan, erase our sins, purify our hearts and bring us happiness

   Doa Ramadan day 1:
"Ya Allah, jadikanlah puasaku sebagai puasa orang-orang yang benar-benar berpuasa. Dan ibadah malamku sebagai ibadah orang-orang yang benar-benar melakukan ibadah malam. Dan jagalah aku dari tidurnya orang-orang yang lalai. Hapuskanlah dosaku wahai Tuhan sekalian alam, ampunilah aku awahai pengampun para pembuat dosa."

You Are Melody Number