Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Why Dreams Fade Away In The Morning?

me     : "ko, i dreamed someone last night."
koko  : "yamapi?"
me     : "no leh, this time more handsome than yamapi!"
koko  : "really, then who?"
me     : "VIC ZHOU ( ˘ з˘)~♡"

   So we were vacation on somewhere and zai zai was a driver. I remember koko sat beside me but im not sure what happened. I remember we were laughing and talking, and just having fun. I remember we went to hotel's lobby and someone tried to kidnap me. Suddenly, zai zai appear with his police mode in Black and White drama and said he is my personal bodyguard. Im happy ♥\(´▽`/)


   Muahahaha i swear, he has the face of Greek god! Vic Zhou was the first Asian hunk i crushed on… and no matter what people say, he will never be too old for me *wink*.

    When everything settled, in that scene only me and zai zai. He always stand beside me. I know koko will come so i asked him to quickly take picture with my camera. He asked someone to take picture, so we can do it together. I remember we do this pose ~~( ˇεˇ )ˇεˇ )

    But in the right time someone count down, my dream also slowly fade away. (҂╰__╯) Gah! if only i am mastering lucid dream. And now i can't tell it's sweet dream or not.

    I had a fight with my alarm clock. It wanted me to wake up, i disagreed. If only 'keep the dream alive' button can replace that snooze o(˘̀- ˘́υ)

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  1. Emang dia keren banget, cool, dan ganteng, hehehe...mirip gua kan?


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