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What's Your Cup Size?

    Believe it or not, at least 80% women wear the wrong size bra, some studies show as much as 95%. The most common mistake is wearing a bra which is too loose around the back, and too small in the cups. Although the average bra size is often quoted as being 36C, this is just the most popular size that women buy. Most people who wear an "average" 36C bra should actually be wearing either a 34D, 34DD, 32DD or 32E, with the true average size being around 34DD.

    So how do bra sizes work? Most people know that bra sizes are made up of two parts - a number and a letter. The number is known as the "band size" or "back size," and the letter is the "cup size." However, what many people do not realize is that cup sizes are in proportion to the band size, so a D cup, for example, is not the same size in every bra. A 32D is the same size as a 34C or 36B, but on a smaller frame. A 28F is actually 5 cup sizes smaller than a 38F, so it's not as big as it sounds! If you are fairly slim, then you may well need a large cup size even though your bust doesn't look any bigger than average. Larger women may still need a small band size because this relates to the size of your ribcage only - you can still be curvy everywhere else!

    Losing or gaining just a few kilos is likely to have an effect on your bra size. Sometimes you go for so long wearing a certain size that you don't realize it doesn't fit well anymore and you stop noticing the discomfort. If you're looking for a better fit, here's how to find your true bra size.

Follow this steps :
ᵔᴥᵔ Measure your band size
  • Run a tape measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts and take a measurement in inches. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. Your arms should be down.
  • If this measurement is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. This should be your band size. For example, if you measured 31 inches, your band size should be 32.
  • If your measurement is already an even number, you may find that this is your band size, or you may have to go up to the next size (i.e, you may have to add 4 inches.)
  • Contoh :
    Kalau genap tambahin 4" --> 34" + 4" = 38"
  • Kalau ganjil tambahin 5"  --> 33" + 5" = 38"
ᵔᴥᵔ Determine your cup size
  • Since everyone's breasts are different, the most accurate way to determine your cup size is by using your current bra size as a starting point. The cups are sized relative to the band, so if you were to try a smaller band size but keep the same cup size, the cups would be too small.
  • Measure just like measuring your band size, after that find the deviation.
  • Contoh :
    Step 1 - band size : 34" + 4" = 38"
  • Step 2 - cup size : 40" Step 3 : 40" - 38" = 2" or Cup "B"

ᵔᴥᵔ See how it looks with your top on
You've found a new bra that fits well, maybe in a different size or style to the ones you're used to. Now it's time to see what it does for your figure! If you're trying a t-shirt bra it's also important to make sure it gives you a smooth line under fitted clothes.
  • If you look side on to the mirror, you should be able to see that your bust is approximately halfway between your elbow and your shoulder.
  • In a well fitting bra, your bust line will be supported at the right level. A lot of people find that their clothes fit a lot better, and they discover a waist that could never be seen before! If your bust line had previously been quite low because of a poorly supporting bra, you may even find that you need to wear a smaller dress size.
  • A fitted t-shirt will show up any bulges from cups which are too small, and likewise a moulded bra that is not filled out will show lines at the bust where the edge of the cups are visible. It's also useful to make sure that the colour of your bra is not showing through a thin or light coloured top - if you need to make your bra invisible, go for seamless cups which match your own skin colour rather than the colour of your top.
  • It is a common concern that wearing a smaller band size will make a big bulge around your back. However, these bulges are actually caused by the back of the bra riding up when it is too large. You should find that when the band sits lower at the back, it fits firmly and remains horizontal, rather than pushing upwards creating a bulge.

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