Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

There Are People Who Appreciate What They Have

     This is so touching. A homeless who is barely able to take care of himself, taking care of his brother. Sometimes, you just need a little love, not just things. This world is a cold lonely place.

    If u can afford to go shopping 12+ times a year, why not once a month donate your old clothes?

   Don't complain about your life because you don't have the car or house that you wanted. Being unlucky means something else.

5 Love Letters:

  1. Kerennn banget nihh fotonya ..... kamu yang fotokah ...? I Love it

  2. ini fotonya ngambil sendiri sist ?
    suka banget postingan yg ini :)

  3. kadang kita cuma perlu sedikit cinta, bukan yang lain ..
    setuju ... :)
    seperti foto itu ya ..

  4. fotonya keren non...
    makasih ya udah ikutan dan udah ku catet^^

  5. kita terlalu sering membandingkan diri sendiri dengan orang lain yang lebih padahal banyak yang kurang beruntung di luar sana :)
    nice post! ^^


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