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That SECRET is....

     This afternoon, someone knocked my door and said i've got a packet from someone. Koko said "don't open if it's a book!" lololol. Hmm i just wondering who's the kindly person sent me a packet. I just joined some quiz on twitter and givesaway on blogger. Which one that i win? quiz on twitter or on the blog?
     By the way, there's a letter on it. It's says:
"... Saya ucapkan selamat, karena kamu terpilih sebagai pemenang SECRET GIVEAWAY ♥" from Saga. Howaaa, unbelievable i won!!! I was so happy in this early afternoon thank you so much dear, you really makes my day (っ˘з(˘.˘ )♥

Are you ready want to know what i've got? *box open* tadaaa...

     A cute owl brooch from ManneQueens Fashion and glammy pearl necklace. I really love both of this item. Since i watched vic zhou's drama "wish to see you again" i think im in love with owl, plus now she gave me this cutie owl too. Oh gosh, now you can imagine how happy i am right? She so crazy for making this owl because look carefully the detail, one of part the face is from zipper. Ha! why she is so damn creative and im not :[

Now it's time seeing me camwhoring with this gives, hehehe
     And oh, before i forgot, if you like her handmade and want to order some of her art work you can contact her at :
House Of Saga
Cee, im nice giving this huge promotion. She should gimme more items, hehe kidding la. No im serious. No it's joke. No, im serious. I mean it :p.

♥ ♥ ♥

     By the way, did you notice my new nail art? yes yes yes in previous photos, just scroll up again.. Well okay, if you lazy enough i will give you another photos of the only one that i think i can be creative in art. So far, i think i am so into polkadot style.

♥ ♥ ♥
   #random : a wound from my own stupidness :| 
hehe i love how koko treat me, 谢谢 baby

11 Love Letters:

  1. what an afternoon surprise :)
    wasn't it ?

  2. hwaaa.... so artistic....

    kepengen ikut2 an kuis sekarang --"

  3. Secret giveaway??? Hmmmm...menarik juga idenya

  4. @BlehMaker: yes it was, and im stil happy till now :)

    @Imawati: iya artistik banget, keren! ayo ayo ikutan giveaway. info tentang giveaway yang aku ikuti ada di sidebar blog ini. sering2 di cek ya :)

    @honey: hehe makasih cantik :)

    @Claude: iya, konsepnya yang punya event ga ngumumin siapa pemenangnya, dan tau2 paketnya udah nyampe aja.

  5. owlnya unyu banget... keren! :D
    selamat ya kamu yaaa :D

  6. I also love surprises! :) that owl brooch is cute. And also your nails, I love the design :D

  7. wahahaha saya jadi pengen bros owl nya mbak nin :D

  8. selamat yaa..

    Trimakasih sudah ikutan secret giveaway.. :D

  9. naksir brossnyaaaaa...selamat !! dan aku suka kuteks hehehe
    ... mau ikutan lagi g ditempatku :D


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