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The One Day of The Year That I Wish Was Never Ruined

    Because it's My Birthday!

    Before i turn 23, i'd like to look back to the life i lived as a twenty two-years-old. A good friend of mine would say, 2010 was my year. But you know, i don't want 2010 to be “my year”. I want the best part of my existence to be “my life” and not just a year, a decade, or a period in time. It should be the whole package.

    In the last twenty two years of my existence, i have experienced a lot of things and i am deeply grateful for all of them. In all of the sad days, i was a hurricane. In the happy days and in all the other days, i wear a smile. If it's the poker face koko and my best friends have come to know and get used to, but on those bad days when the smile fades away, that’s when they knows things are wrong.

    People says if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. Other said and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. But umm.. i think i'll say that it is another day for me that god picked another petals on my flower, wishing it may bloom for years.

    Some of my blogger friends already give an advance birthday gifts for me, thank you everyone. Wait for my next post okay ( ˘ з˘)~♡. I just logged in on my facebook and i found a poem from my dad, oh god it's so touching me and seriously make me cry.
Sepertiga malam saat cemas mencengkam
terdengar pekik tangisan engkau datang
kehadiran yang ditunggu 

Ketika lelah tak lagi di rasa
sakit tak lagi menyiksa
hanya adzan yang kubisikan
tanda kehadiranmu menyambut semesta 

Engkau datang bak penyejuk hati
penghilang dahaga ketika haus
penawar duka ketika gulana
pengingat saat terlena 

Dibesarkan dengan sinarNya
dimanjakan dengan sayangNya
diajarkan dengan tuntunanNya
diberkahi dengan rahmatNya 

Kiini engkau jauh sudah
jauh dari selepas pandangan
untuk satu tujuan
menggapai suatu impian 

Demi satu cita-cita
demi pengharapan
demi masa depan
demi sebuah keinginan
kami ikhlas melepasmu

Gapailah impianmu
raihlah cita-citamu
jangkaulah masa depanmu
reguklah harapanmu
ambilah keinginanmu
jadilah seperti dirimu

Selamat ulang tahun putriku
kami semua menyayangimu

Hari ini, Samarinda 31 Juli 2011 

    P.S : Please help, koko wont stop singing happy birthday till 31 july ends!!!!

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  1. happy bird day sista...

    sukses selalu ya.... ^^


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