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I Love The Look You Get When You Tell Me About This City

  This post dedicated to my beloved smiling-town Manado, the place where i will always be proud for the beauty and hospitality, for the landscapes and foods, the cultures and smiles, and lots of other things i had there. Yes, i have betawi, banjarnese, and even javanese in my blood, but i've lived in this city for 3 years. My childhood and first step teenage memory stay here. The people and the culture, really contribute to make who i am now. Both behaviour and mindset. I am proud being kawanuanese (~'з')~

  That starfish picture taken at Siladen's Beach. It's not only a cristal clear water but also facing the Manado Tua Island, which can be seen from the picture. Most people come here for underwater activities in Bunaken National Marine Park. For a spoiled traveler like me, the Siladen Resort was surely had a significant part in extended my happiness during my stayed in Siladen Island. I was brought couple of starfish. They are cute like patrick star.

  That time, when i was Junior High at SLTPN 1 Manado, me and my friends had learned how to swim. It was awesome how we spent whole sunday afternoon with besties plus we enjoyed order fried rice, french fries, and juices and eaten that peacefully at this spot.

This town is so weird, i mean in the good way.
Doesn't it rare a beach town has a mild weather?

  I love how heterogeneous people who live in this town. They never spoiled rubbish stuff like why you wearing sexy dress, why you wearing hot pants, why you go to downtown only wearing pajamas, why you coloring your hair, why you go to school wearing bra without tank top, and other rubbish stuff. If you live in this town for a second maybe you will think you are not in Indonesia right now. Because the people so damn open minded. They never staring at others like "hey look at her! cih, a teenager wearing outfit like that!". That's what idiotic Indonesian do!

  The culture and the people teach me many things. Like i said before it's just like you live in different country. Maybe it's because this town near Philippines, so everyone have bule minded ( ˘ﻬ˘). Have you ever seen a granny walking to downtown with colorful hair, mini skirt, tank top, and boot? and no one staring weird at her or think if the granny is crazy? Ha, i bet you never seen this before. But you will find in Manado. Only in Manado. That's why i hate people who keep spoiled how i dress up my self, that's not even your business.  Or why people keep staring with bitching face when look a couple kissing or cuddling in public are. Oh man, we are not come from your old generation with your old minded! Ha, too much emotion already. Let's find something to eat now...

Ayam Rica Rica- roasted spicy chicken from Manado, Indonesia. So damn yummy!

Bubur Manado
The famous Nasi Kuning [saroja]!

3 Love Letters:

  1. A very beautiful town, I hope I can go there someday =)

  2. Hell yeaaah! My bestfriend is move to Manado two years ago, and he tells me the same thing like you write! Manado is really an interesting city. It feels like you are in another country. Hahaha :D
    I really wanna spend some holiday on there!

  3. Hey hey, are you from Manado? wow, My father lived there for long time and he has blood of manado. You've lived there for 3 years ? Mmm. I really really miss Nasi kuning Sarojaaaaaa so muchh :'(


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