Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Happy Birthday!! Now Blow Out All The Candles

   You ready? If you are, please go youtube and play "MY MOMENT" by Rebecca Black while you read this. LOLOL. This is my moment~ My moment~  O.O ......

   Well, if yesterday i have bad birthday eve experience. Today koko promise me should be better. Hmmm let's see what i've got sunny sunday birthday weather, yummy birthday cake woohoooo!!, birthday coffee, birthday shiny and koko still wont stop singing happy birthday song hehehe. How cute ( ˘ з˘)~♡

Everyone knows birthday calories don't count

   Nah, enough with that sweetness things now it's time to say welcome to real life! because it's not that sweet actually. I planned my birthday perfectly, cant sleep because think too much. And the next day i cant sleep not because i have insomnia but i was so excessively excited for the birthday. But when my birthday eve comes, it's like everything was nothing. Nothing special happen. No special gifts and my birthday turn to just another sunday morning. How nice!!!

   Sigh, this is my first ruined birthday and hope it's the last time! It's okay everything turn worst because i still can feel little bit easier, since i got many birthday gifts from my blogger friends  うれしい!!  ♥ \(´▽`/) and the greatest things is i win many giveaway, muahahaha... it's definitely super charm of july babe.

   Got this cutest animal plushie from Desa Boneka. Wiiii can not tell which one should i choose. Octopus, doggy, monkey, or sharky. They are too cute!

   Khama-Khama Notebook from mbak Citra. This is super cute notebook, it's pink, chic, and has a gold rabbit bookmark on it!! cuuuute. Oh now realize im using too much cute word in this post (~'з')~

   Also, i got Ratulubul necklace from Printiland, an elf lip gloss from @LapakDhutama, and voucher from Tealovero, and WarnaWarni Hairbows hair pin from Puri. What a life!!

   And oh, this month i've got Stylish Blogger Award from Rhara and the other award from Adhel, congratulation Adhel for your first award. You deserve it for hard work this whole 2 years. Otsukaresama Deshita お疲れ様でした. Please visit their blog when you have time, they're so kindly and awesome girls.

my second awards that saying "blognya keren kk!!!!" awesome me!!

5 Love Letters:

  1. Wah hebat, lu menangnya banyak bangetttt....keren dah, salut

    Btw happy birthday ya, wish u all d best...lots of sunshine for the coming years =)

  2. No COMENT,, englishnya belepotan,, hehehhe,,

  3. You won a whole lot there! @_@!

  4. woww..... banyak banget menangnya, pasti seneng banget deh,
    aku yg pernah sampe 3 kali dapet GA girangnyaa... palagi banyak gini yah.. :)
    selamat yaaa


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