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Do People Even Care?

     In our patriarchal society, so often a woman gets sexually assaulted and she's taught that it was her own fault for acting or looking a certain way, when the reality is that the one who is truly to blame is the rapist. But the reason male-on-female rape occurs so frequently is because this very same society teaches men that they are superior to women, that they can get what they want when they want it, and even if the woman is saying no.

    As many as 84 percent of women are raped by someone they know, such as friends, family, or an acquaintance. No one deserves to be raped. Being in a man's room or wearing revealing clothing doesn't mean a women has agreed to have sex. If a woman didn't or could not consent to having sex, it is considered rape. Forcing a woman to have sex against her will, whether she physically fight back or not, is rape, plain and simple. Rape really happens.. to people you know, by people you know.

    And 683,000 forcible rapes occur every year, which equals 56,916 per month, 1,871 per day, 78 per hour, and 1,3 per minute. Every single report of rape responsibility for rape will always lie with the rapist.

Things that cause RAPE :
▢ Flirting
▢ the outfit im wearing
▢ drinking too much
▢ being recless

    Clothing doesn't cause rape, rappist do. Don't tell us how to dress, tell men not to rape. WOMEN GET RAPED BECAUSE SOMEONE RAPED THEM. No matter how much she's drunk. No matter what she's wearing. No matter if you've already kissed. Sex without consent is a rape.

    Well think about it, if you still keep saying it's all because of we, woman wearing mini skirt or something. How about the female soldiers? Have you ever in the middle of war they wearing a mini skirt? NO. Did in their base they wearing mini skirt? NO. Military women are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier then killed by enemy fire. THEY GET RAPED BECAUSE SOMEONE RAPED THEM.

     Okay, i know i put my concern in "outfit" that rapist blame most. I just want to tell you if there are so many woman out there get raped even they not wearing attractive outfit, like casual jeans with hoodie, did you get what i mean? And in other side, there are woman who loves wearing hot pants. Does it mean we are like people that have faith to get raped? NO. Please people open your mind, we wearing casual pants too with casual top. It's a big different with wearing underwear and bra and walking to downtown, duh! Okay i give you illustration.

This woman deserve to raped by rapist, why? just take a look.
With her stupidity walk like this on the street, duh

And this is NOT. Find the different?
     Smart woman know to pick the right outfit. You even spent a hour just to pick the dress right? What? we just want to shopping at downtown, this the right and comfy outfit for us. FYI, with this outfit there's so many woman didn't get raped by this. Agree? Whatever the outfit you wearing that day, if you whistled to a man that walk down by himself, you will get raped. Just in this case you are so stupid. Whatever the outfit, if there's a bad guy called rapist near you, you will get raped. Case close. The big problem is the rapist still exist! Do people even care? NO.

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  1. could not agree even more with you...raping cases it can not be simplified by blaming the victims only... If we see as a global aspect, its a proof of failured (sex) education system amoung society...

    for preventive, not only aiming the womans, but also the man instead..i

    for example : why in prostitution regulation cases the subjects only for sexual workers (mostly womens) rather than their costumer (mans) ??

    wow...im blarbing to much..

    aniwei i care..coz i have sisters, a wife and (perhaps) a daughters.. :)

  2. no lah, in prostitution case both of them agree to do it, so we can not say it's raped case. and if you said the prostitution subjects mostly woman, maybe i can say it's because world produce more woman in this days. if man population are bigger then woman, i do believe if maybe man could be the subject.

    if the problem with outfit, wew the jail will full with clothes things.

    but yeah, i agree with that failure sex education system. in this case i've live in many city with different SES, so i just know how exactly SES contributed in this case :)

  3. who knows chan?
    i'm sures no womans want to be a sexual workers..the condition made her be like the way they were..

    "Outside" maybe both side agree to do those things, but i think inside im sure their heart refused it...

    so i believes souls raping also have the same damages effects just as physical does...

    its just my humble and shallow opinion :)

  4. Setuju banget ma pendapat lu

    Daripada ngebatasin hak2 wanita untuk berpakaian (seperti di Timur Tengah) dan mentabukan hal2 yg berbau seksual (seperti di Indonesia), hal yg paling tepat untuk dilakukan sebenernya adalah Sex Education yg baik dan benar sedari kecil

    Kasian banget jadi cewe di Asia, udah sering jadi korban pemerkosaan, masih pula dituduh berpakaian yg tidak pantas...

  5. @Kenni: itu maksut gw ken, gw emang lebih menitik beratkan ke situ. bukan cuma asia kok, orang2 di arab yang pake baju super ketutup kaya ninja aja masih bisa jadi korban pemerkosaan. inget kan TKI kita kaya gimana? apa iya mereka kerja di sana pake baju super w.o.w? gw yakin banget kalo mereka udah ngikutin budaya sana, yg mesti pake baju ketutup. nyatanya, tetep aja kan. diperkosa.

    @bang todi: tapi aku bukan mau ngebahas itu abang...


  7. very nice [strong] post...
    dapet inspirasi darimana nih?

  8. @AN & @Rina thank you banget ya

    @Betacenturia: wiii,makasih... inspirasinya nemu dari kelakuan orang indonesia kebanyakan yang suka ngejudge kalo ada yg pake hot pants.


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