Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Happy Birthday!! Now Blow Out All The Candles

   You ready? If you are, please go youtube and play "MY MOMENT" by Rebecca Black while you read this. LOLOL. This is my moment~ My moment~  O.O ......

   Well, if yesterday i have bad birthday eve experience. Today koko promise me should be better. Hmmm let's see what i've got sunny sunday birthday weather, yummy birthday cake woohoooo!!, birthday coffee, birthday shiny and koko still wont stop singing happy birthday song hehehe. How cute ( ˘ з˘)~♡

Everyone knows birthday calories don't count

   Nah, enough with that sweetness things now it's time to say welcome to real life! because it's not that sweet actually. I planned my birthday perfectly, cant sleep because think too much. And the next day i cant sleep not because i have insomnia but i was so excessively excited for the birthday. But when my birthday eve comes, it's like everything was nothing. Nothing special happen. No special gifts and my birthday turn to just another sunday morning. How nice!!!

   Sigh, this is my first ruined birthday and hope it's the last time! It's okay everything turn worst because i still can feel little bit easier, since i got many birthday gifts from my blogger friends  うれしい!!  ♥ \(´▽`/) and the greatest things is i win many giveaway, muahahaha... it's definitely super charm of july babe.

   Got this cutest animal plushie from Desa Boneka. Wiiii can not tell which one should i choose. Octopus, doggy, monkey, or sharky. They are too cute!

   Khama-Khama Notebook from mbak Citra. This is super cute notebook, it's pink, chic, and has a gold rabbit bookmark on it!! cuuuute. Oh now realize im using too much cute word in this post (~'з')~

   Also, i got Ratulubul necklace from Printiland, an elf lip gloss from @LapakDhutama, and voucher from Tealovero, and WarnaWarni Hairbows hair pin from Puri. What a life!!

   And oh, this month i've got Stylish Blogger Award from Rhara and the other award from Adhel, congratulation Adhel for your first award. You deserve it for hard work this whole 2 years. Otsukaresama Deshita お疲れ様でした. Please visit their blog when you have time, they're so kindly and awesome girls.

my second awards that saying "blognya keren kk!!!!" awesome me!!

The One Day of The Year That I Wish Was Never Ruined

    Because it's My Birthday!

    Before i turn 23, i'd like to look back to the life i lived as a twenty two-years-old. A good friend of mine would say, 2010 was my year. But you know, i don't want 2010 to be “my year”. I want the best part of my existence to be “my life” and not just a year, a decade, or a period in time. It should be the whole package.

    In the last twenty two years of my existence, i have experienced a lot of things and i am deeply grateful for all of them. In all of the sad days, i was a hurricane. In the happy days and in all the other days, i wear a smile. If it's the poker face koko and my best friends have come to know and get used to, but on those bad days when the smile fades away, that’s when they knows things are wrong.

    People says if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. Other said and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. But umm.. i think i'll say that it is another day for me that god picked another petals on my flower, wishing it may bloom for years.

    Some of my blogger friends already give an advance birthday gifts for me, thank you everyone. Wait for my next post okay ( ˘ з˘)~♡. I just logged in on my facebook and i found a poem from my dad, oh god it's so touching me and seriously make me cry.
Sepertiga malam saat cemas mencengkam
terdengar pekik tangisan engkau datang
kehadiran yang ditunggu 

Ketika lelah tak lagi di rasa
sakit tak lagi menyiksa
hanya adzan yang kubisikan
tanda kehadiranmu menyambut semesta 

Engkau datang bak penyejuk hati
penghilang dahaga ketika haus
penawar duka ketika gulana
pengingat saat terlena 

Dibesarkan dengan sinarNya
dimanjakan dengan sayangNya
diajarkan dengan tuntunanNya
diberkahi dengan rahmatNya 

Kiini engkau jauh sudah
jauh dari selepas pandangan
untuk satu tujuan
menggapai suatu impian 

Demi satu cita-cita
demi pengharapan
demi masa depan
demi sebuah keinginan
kami ikhlas melepasmu

Gapailah impianmu
raihlah cita-citamu
jangkaulah masa depanmu
reguklah harapanmu
ambilah keinginanmu
jadilah seperti dirimu

Selamat ulang tahun putriku
kami semua menyayangimu

Hari ini, Samarinda 31 Juli 2011 

    P.S : Please help, koko wont stop singing happy birthday till 31 july ends!!!!

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood

   This is my favorite Thai Life Insurance commercial and it can be the most emotional ad i've ever seen this month. Warning, you just may cry (˘̩̩̩.˘̩ƪ)! I had tears in my eyes the first time i watched it, so i decided to post on my blog and share with the world.

   By the way remember "Que sera sera" lyric?
When i was just a little girl, i asked my mother what will i be? will i be pretty? will i be rich? here's what she said to me :
Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera, sera. What will be, will be.

   Yes, no one know what will happen in future. That's why you need a life insurance right? Mostly life insurance ad so freaking rubbish, except in Thailand. This is so great example of telling a powerful emotion filled story. Have so much meaning in a short time. Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.

   I think if one day, one of  Thai Life Insurance employee come and knock my door, i am gonna buy whatever the hell this commercial was selling. Seriously i want to know the creative team who made these commercials.

This Is All So Surreal and Extremely Hard, I Closed My Eyes and Nothing Changed

   Remember one of my post about Khatam Al-Quran? Yes, it was April. 3 months ago. In this picture me, my sisters, and my cousin Fiqa. This moment is the only my latest memory about my uncle. This evening my dad called me and said my uncle was gone by heart attack. I was so extremely shock when i hear it.

   Her daddy was my mom's older brother. He was so good in singing, no wonder Fiqa also has a star voice like her dad. In that day everyone was so happy, while my uncle sang some random songs, my other aunties also joget dangdutan. But now it will never happen again, only can watch in recorded video.

   I just can't help my eyes slowly become teary when read her facebook wall. She's try her best to be a tough girl. She try to stop crying even every minutes it's become hard and harder. This girl used to be a cheerful girl. If only i can be there for her, and make her smile. Because i know her dad wont see her daughter sad like this.

   There are many wonderful people in this world that i live in. And everyone has that special person who touches their lives, but it is rare to find the person who leaves a permanent handprint on your heart. Although he has left us, i know that he has all touched a part of our lives, and that he is contented with that lasting impression he has given us. It's strange to think that he wont be around anymore. We could be six feet apart but i still feel as though he with us.

   Life is made up of an hourglass. From the moment we were born, the first grain of sand had fallen quickly through the small crevice of the glass as our life shortens by the second. We never know when the glass will suddenly rupture nor do we know how much sand is contained in it. But at a certain point in time, people come and go. Although he is no longer with us, i know that he will forever stay in our memories and continue to live in our hearts.
Rest in peace ya om. Its sad to see you go but so nice to know you don't need to suffer any more. Om Ami, we love you. We always do...

Why Dreams Fade Away In The Morning?

me     : "ko, i dreamed someone last night."
koko  : "yamapi?"
me     : "no leh, this time more handsome than yamapi!"
koko  : "really, then who?"
me     : "VIC ZHOU ( ˘ з˘)~♡"

   So we were vacation on somewhere and zai zai was a driver. I remember koko sat beside me but im not sure what happened. I remember we were laughing and talking, and just having fun. I remember we went to hotel's lobby and someone tried to kidnap me. Suddenly, zai zai appear with his police mode in Black and White drama and said he is my personal bodyguard. Im happy ♥\(´▽`/)


   Muahahaha i swear, he has the face of Greek god! Vic Zhou was the first Asian hunk i crushed on… and no matter what people say, he will never be too old for me *wink*.

    When everything settled, in that scene only me and zai zai. He always stand beside me. I know koko will come so i asked him to quickly take picture with my camera. He asked someone to take picture, so we can do it together. I remember we do this pose ~~( ˇεˇ )ˇεˇ )

    But in the right time someone count down, my dream also slowly fade away. (҂╰__╯) Gah! if only i am mastering lucid dream. And now i can't tell it's sweet dream or not.

    I had a fight with my alarm clock. It wanted me to wake up, i disagreed. If only 'keep the dream alive' button can replace that snooze o(˘̀- ˘́υ)

When The Day You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

   This two kids [Jeremy & Justin] are way too CUUUUUTEEE! they’re better than Bruno Mars without a doubt. This was the cutest thing ever until he pulled his pants down. I have never been so shocked to see something on frikin’ youtube. This deserves to be blogged  right... 

Because It's Just Too Random

   So, tonight just like another sleepless night. While the world is fast asleep, i am up all alone. My mind buzzing with every random thought in the universe. When some people can't sleep because they have insomnia, i just can't sleep because i have internet connection (˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)

   Remember my story about Girls Black Days Out? and yes, i just found this photo on Facebook. Oh gosh, how many years have been passed since we live together?

Homemade Delicious Popcorn Swag

      Yey, finally i know how to doing the right diet way. This whole week, i planned to yoga, do small exercise, and also gonna try this diet menu. Hope it's really work for me :
Breakfast : any fruits and glass of low fat milk
Lunch      : a healthy menu like small plate of rice, veggies, tofu, and fruits
Dinner     : any fruits, veggies (prefer cap cay without rice), and a glass of low fat milk

      By the way, a couple days ago i just found something interesting from internet. They said popcorn can be a healthy snack that's high in fiber and low in calories, if you prepare it the right way ofcourse. You know like don't put salt, butter, and oil too much like in cinema's popcorn! since it's homemade and i special made it for me and koko, you can trust me about the ingredients la.

And oh, ada yang tau colorful popcorn kaya gini di Bandung bisa dibeli dimana ya?

I Love The Look You Get When You Tell Me About This City

  This post dedicated to my beloved smiling-town Manado, the place where i will always be proud for the beauty and hospitality, for the landscapes and foods, the cultures and smiles, and lots of other things i had there. Yes, i have betawi, banjarnese, and even javanese in my blood, but i've lived in this city for 3 years. My childhood and first step teenage memory stay here. The people and the culture, really contribute to make who i am now. Both behaviour and mindset. I am proud being kawanuanese (~'з')~

  That starfish picture taken at Siladen's Beach. It's not only a cristal clear water but also facing the Manado Tua Island, which can be seen from the picture. Most people come here for underwater activities in Bunaken National Marine Park. For a spoiled traveler like me, the Siladen Resort was surely had a significant part in extended my happiness during my stayed in Siladen Island. I was brought couple of starfish. They are cute like patrick star.

  That time, when i was Junior High at SLTPN 1 Manado, me and my friends had learned how to swim. It was awesome how we spent whole sunday afternoon with besties plus we enjoyed order fried rice, french fries, and juices and eaten that peacefully at this spot.

This town is so weird, i mean in the good way.
Doesn't it rare a beach town has a mild weather?

  I love how heterogeneous people who live in this town. They never spoiled rubbish stuff like why you wearing sexy dress, why you wearing hot pants, why you go to downtown only wearing pajamas, why you coloring your hair, why you go to school wearing bra without tank top, and other rubbish stuff. If you live in this town for a second maybe you will think you are not in Indonesia right now. Because the people so damn open minded. They never staring at others like "hey look at her! cih, a teenager wearing outfit like that!". That's what idiotic Indonesian do!

  The culture and the people teach me many things. Like i said before it's just like you live in different country. Maybe it's because this town near Philippines, so everyone have bule minded ( ˘ﻬ˘). Have you ever seen a granny walking to downtown with colorful hair, mini skirt, tank top, and boot? and no one staring weird at her or think if the granny is crazy? Ha, i bet you never seen this before. But you will find in Manado. Only in Manado. That's why i hate people who keep spoiled how i dress up my self, that's not even your business.  Or why people keep staring with bitching face when look a couple kissing or cuddling in public are. Oh man, we are not come from your old generation with your old minded! Ha, too much emotion already. Let's find something to eat now...

Ayam Rica Rica- roasted spicy chicken from Manado, Indonesia. So damn yummy!

Bubur Manado
The famous Nasi Kuning [saroja]!


     Reading the various twit on my timeline, about how they are doing this with their relationship status, galau moment, talking about the awesome day they just had together, but then galau moment again. Oh what a live ƪ(˘o˘)ʃ

     People always think that the most painful thing is losing the one you love in your life. But the truth is the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much. Forgetting that you are SPECIAL too!

     Why are you guys so easy to say want to die? are you sure it is more happily when you die? is it not more torture your self and soul? try to think about it again.

You Are Melody Number