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Who's to blame when your kids going fat?

     Ronald McDonald does not make kids fat, parents make kids fat. Unless there are some seriously creepy issues going on, McDonald didn't take your child to a fast food store & buy them snacks. He also didn't force your child to make unhealthy choices off of the menu instead of practical ones. Parents did that.

     Is it their fault that their child is fat? Yes. Is it completely their fault? Possibly. Let’s look at this logically. Yes, if you allow your child to eat nutritionally poor food, you are failed as a parent. Well maybe it is also not completely the parents fault either. This is what it boils down to: want kids to not be fat? Fix the economy. I know what many of you are thinking right now: You might also be thinking ‘what does the economy have to do with anything’? Or ‘why do you care?

     I’m going to take a moment to point out that people make it seem as though fast food is the devil. I’ve met the devil, he is not a mcflurry. People can’t understand that it is not the food that leads to obesity, it’s the lifestyle. If someone wants to eat a burger and fries that will not make them fat. If they eat ONLY burgers and don’t get off their lazy asses ever THAT is the problem. It’s an activity issue. McDonald's offers plenty of food that isn’t terrible for you. Your comfy couches are the real issue.
     People buy McDonald's because they are fast and cheap. They are fast because they are cheap. They are cheap because people are willing to settle for lower quality food because they can’t afford anything else. Want to fix obesity issues? Fix the economy. Make it so people can afford better food. 

     It’s not right to say a clown is manipulating the children. They are children. They do whatever Justin Bieber tells them to. That being said, if the only way they can feed their child is by picking the cheapest options that’s what they’re going to do. Ronald isn’t the issue. Your economy is. Fix it.

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  1. the challenge is to make a cheap healthy food, can we?


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