Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera


   Girls are shopaholics. Wait don't get me wrong, i just like you. Love shopping. But wherever you are, whoever you’re with, trust me, there’s a girl close by who has splurged over a few hundred of money on clothes or some other commodity that she WANTS but doesn’t NEED. They’re everywhere.

   I mean, not all of us have the strength to power-walk through branded shop. Never mind the fact that most of our pockets are so empty that there’s a faint echo when you drop coin inside. But it’s therapeutic! It’s enough to slip into shops, pretending you have cash to spend and feeling the soft, delicate fabrics of gorgeous clothes. Or peering through the glass tops of Gucci to the amazing wallets and bags inside.

1 Love Letters:

  1. I'm a spendthrift, no doubt about it. BUT, I don't spend my money on clothes. I could go on for a whole year without buying any new clothes, if you'd believe me. Funny that the sight of clothes, even branded ones don't excite me.

    But I couldn't do the same with books. I LOVE books, which is why I would spend hundreds on books alone.


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