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Seriously Who Gets The Flu in June?

    Im feeling a bit achy and flu. How can i get flu in summer? this isn't fair. 

   I woke up at this cold morning with a sore throat and swollen glands. My throat feels like it's been torn apart by razor blades, im dizzy and uncoordinated, my nose is blocked and my head feels like it's full of cotton wool but being smashed from the outside. I'm down with the flu! *sniffles*

   A days ago mom called and told me to have analsik, yes its paregoric. A pain killer. I feel so much better then, even i know not with my body. I also have little cough, so koko gave me a medicine :)

   Im still feeling a little off today, my throat feels much better than it did in yesterday. But it's still itchy, i know koko bought me a peppermint, but it's super duper itchy. Sometimes i can't hold my self to insert my finger to my mouth. It's like im gonna puke. And oh, why it's still itchy :(

   I force my self back to sleep, because this sneezing really stressed me out. Lack of sleep ofcourse. Oh man flu is real deadly.

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