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If Life is Like a Pair of Jeans

"This my life story, what's your story?"
    I just watched this short movie (he joined Levis short movie contest), it's so full of motivation and inspiration for all generations. Youth in action, awesome right!

     Assuming like is like a pair of jeans, many times using it but could survive. We should like that jeans, although many times we fall, rejected, failed but we can't assume our lives so useless, or consider ourselves to fail. Instead of rejection and failure that makes us more stronger and survive.

    An expensive cup just come from a pile of clay. We stepped it previously, we consider if this clay was not valuable. It's just a clay. The raw one. To become an expensive cup, this clay had been through a long process. Start from  kneaded, shaped, and finally went into a very hot furnace fire. Yes, it passed a long process to eventually turn into an expensive cup.

    Our lives also have to like this cup. Through many process before turn into an expensive cup. I know it's not easy and everything need a process. When you failed, try to become like a pair of that jeans or an expensive cup. Im sure we can be a strong jeans and expensive cup. What we need to do now is, do it and never give up!  


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