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book, monday, and all the problems

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    From PUNKY with ♥. Yes, a week ago she sent me her newest book "Peri-Peri Bersayap Pelangi" and extra gifts from her holiday in Bali. Weee, super love it.
    Basically this is collection of children's book story. Containing 20 stories and written by 11 authors who have more awareness of the children world. As you know there so many children now a days, watch love story drama or read twilight saga before they sleep. It's so tragic. I mean they are still children. This new world so different when i was young. My parents always bought me the real children book story like Hans Christian Anderson classic folk stories and fairy tales series.

    Many people says having your children read kind of books make them day dreaming. I think it's not true, because every single story always have meaningful message on it. While this children grown up, indirectly they bring out all good characters from the stories they've read before. Now imagine how cruel, depressed, and tragic all drama played on tv everyday. Can you imagine how if they start to think if this world not that wonderful, full of tears and bad person. How if they start to copy all the bad characters in drama? Scary! 

    Ah one more thing if you buy this book, every single book you bought is a gift of the same book for kids at some halfway house, post-disaster schools, and hospitals in some remote areas. With spent IDR 30 you can amazingly help unfortunate kids around you. You can be their peri-peri bersayap pelangi ᵔᴥᵔ 

* This is it, the book and 6 bangles, she's kindly and lovely (◕‿◕✿) *
     Do you know if koko is an awesome story teller? Everytime he has leisure time, he will telling me good story. He asking me what kind of story i want and i decide 3 main characters in this story (✿◠‿◠). And when he knows pungky gave this book for me, he said he will read me a story, wiiiii im so happy. I start to think if it will be so happy if every parents in the world read a story for their kids, even at least for 5 minutes.
    Like others Monday, still in the same shopping mall, same Japanese Restaurant, oh wait and also same lunch menu, lol we are the biggest fans of Shinmen's ramen and miso (゚ヮ゚). The things that make me really happy is i get discount 20% muahahaha.....
    Actually blame it to Naruto, because since i watch Naruto Shippuden he never stop talking about ramen. So am i. I always say to koko if i want miso so badly, and this time i can eat up all my miso until my bowl empty. But in the end, again, i can't. Sigh why am i so talk to much ~̯~
    Anyway koko took all this photos, and from all of it the most weirdest photos are the expression when i was eat miso. Lol, why it's so weird?

S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G   P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S
    Nah, raise your hand if you have same problem with me everytime you go shopping (〃^∇^)ノ ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ
     First problem, you look cute stuff, it's pink (if your favorite color same with me) and can't hold your self to buy it. But then someone hit you by saying "don't you already have that stuff? look yours pink too." Grrrr... but it's more cutest than mine ».«

     Second problem,  looks good on model but not on you or maybe they don't have your size. Overall i love this jacket, so cool! make me have korean looks, hehe.. It's so warm anyway, but than i hang it on. Why? because i realize i always go shopping on a day not night. Good, my brain work this time (゚ヮ゚)

     Third problem, too expensive. Sigh, who can bare it if it's all about money? When i first look that huge yoyo, i feels like scream and says "howaaaaa.... koko look!". Hold his hands and drag him enter the shop. After that i can't stop to give yoyo my peaceful hugs ᵔᴥᵔ. He's soooo puffy, soft, and wear pink shirt. But when look the price oh darn! IDR 200. SYOG (✖╭╮✖). 

     And that pretty bag is IDR 115, if im not wrong my mom has hermes with this color. I want buy it, so when i go shopping with my mom i can have high level class looks like my mom, hehehe... (゚ヮ゚). I love her fashion sense, and it's pretty cute when you have like same stuffs with your mom (¬‿¬). But than again, someone hit me by saying "so how do you carry this bag? you always fully your bag with many things, is this bag really okay? i mean look the space." eww ◑_◑

14 Love Letters:

  1. ya..dia udah baca duluan bukunya..**ga rela..wakakakkkk...

  2. waw. senengnya si buku dan si oleh oleh sampe dengan selamat. hehe makasih ya cantik buat ulasannya. semoga bermanfaat :p muah

  3. the wallet is pretty! <3 it's a wallet, right?

  4. @omgitswina : aaah, kamu bisa aja *blushing*

    @Todi : makanya bang, buruan dibeli atu lah bukunya, sambil ngebacaain dede hanif tiap malem. pasti makin pules deh bobonya :)

    @Pungky : sering-sering ya ngasi beginian lagi, hehehe #plak #ditabokpungky

    @Jennifer : yes its a wallet, only IDR 55 but koko said i don't need new wallet just because it's cute. sigh :(

  5. Mukanya kak Anindy waktu makan lucu banget sih. Duh gara-gara liat foto itu aku jadi pengen nyobain ramen juga, soalnya di daerah aku gak ada yang jualan kak.

    Ya ampun, itu kak Koko beneran nemenin kak Anindy belanja yang sampe masuk ke tempat toko baju cewe sama ke tempat asesoris gitu ya? envy banget deh, soalnya cowo aku gak pernah mau diajak ikut masuk. Dia pasti bediri nungguin di luar toko, kesel banget aku kak

  6. @Dinda : lol, sriusan kamu mesti nyobain deh. ga bakal nyesel kok :)

    iya, dia beneran nemenin aku, baik kan? ᵔᴥᵔ

  7. Imut banget kamu darlenk :D

  8. i love your outfittt!!! <3

  9. hehehe.. poto bareng kumcer peri2 yah :)

  10. Is that boy your boyfriend? Hehehe, just curious. =)

  11. yes, koko ega is my boyfriend ♥.♥

  12. ninggalin jejak dulu disini #eh


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