Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

And it's feels like winter, in the last of June…

Guess where is it? Mt. Fuji, eee wrong! Refrigerator, eee wrong again!
      We are going on an ice skating date. The holiday season is the perfect time for ice skating dates where skating rinks are often accompanied by christmas decorations and trees. There's something magical about holiday ambiance and ice skating not only promotes this feeling but also promotes togetherness and affection, which are obviously a couple of the main components of a really great date.

      He used fog on the window to write our name in it. I actually feel really cliche right now and so so love what he wrote for me. I was so happy when everyone see it and they try do the same thing like draw a hearts or random doodles and write the name of the one you liked on a foggy window.
       People would think we're crazy for considering this ice rink picnic. The weather is just too cold to enjoy something as mild as tea and bread.
       And nah, miss me already not? yes, im not appear much in this post because i hate night photoshot. I can't find proper lighting since i just stuck took a pictures using my android phone and it's become worst than ever.
* look what koko gave to me, a cute heart ring ᵔᴥᵔ *

       As on our way to home, we saw something catchy. A CROCODILE FISHING. By the way it's the first one ever in Indonesia, so why not try it. I just wondering koko will go fishing or not, because i would like to have the merchandise. It's so pretty unique because you can print your photos on the wood.
       Koko said this crocodile is the real one. I mean yes it's die already but it's real. He touched and checked this crocodile body and said "this comes from the real crocodile which is frozen with cement". Hoaaah so scarry when i touch it and imagine this crocodile moving his head and bite my hand.

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